Sunday, 28 December 2008

Christmas has been and gone

Well i can't believe how quick Christmas passed us by - it's gone so quick this year and already Tim is back to work tomorrow.

We had a lovely few days with family and we all got some lovely presents - our family have enjoyed receiving the Nintendo Wii, Wii fit and Family trainer - so much fun, so there has been a few days of competition between us all. I also got 2 tickets to go see Girls Aloud in April at the O2, can't wait to see them, will be Hannah's first concert too!!!

I will post more about Christmas in the next few days as i have some photo's to share with you all but i am here to reveal my LO for Cleo Craft's January kit that i believe is shipping very soon.
I really hope you like what i produced with this kit - i loved these papers as it enabled me to produce a masculine LO, perfect for Sam's 4th birthday a few weeks back.
Would love to see What you all create should you sub to the kit. If you fancy a kit or maybe subbing to Cleo Crafts kits then pop along too http://www.cleocrafts.co.uk/ .

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year and a healthy 2009.

Will be back soon for another update - Thank you to those of you ho have kindly left messages over the last few months - i really do appreciate it.

My final reveal for Cleo Crafts

And now for some details.......

Take care

Monday, 15 December 2008

10 days to go

and i am not doing too bad, near enough all presents bought - but not wrapped, lots of food already in the fridge - just the fresh food run to do next Tuesday hopefully and then the stress of cooking begins!!!

So as Tim is out at his monthly meet with the Responders tonight i thought i would use the time to update my blog.

Am guessing this week will go fast as the children finish school for the holidays - they all finish on different days which is just so annoying, so no lay in until Saturday.
They are getting extremely excited - we are now having a count down as they realise there are not many doors left on their advent calendars to open, can't wait to see their faces on Christmas morning as it will be Sam's first year for really understanding what it's all about - and boy is he clued up!!!! Love the magical of Christmas through the children's eyes - although Hannah has been asking some very awkward questions , like how does Santa come down the chimney if we don't have one - i can see her little mind ticking over trying to suss out if i am telling the truth or not - it's so hard trying to keep cool calm and collective on such an important topic - but think i am doing just OK at the minute - will pass her to Dad if they get to complicated (lol)!

So last week saw me receive another wonderful Cleo Craft kit for January - and it was so nice to see papers other than Christmas. Well now believe it or not - i have finished my project already and i am about to share my first sneak peek.

So what do you think?? If you fancy a kit then pop along to http://www.cleocrafts.co.uk/ and place an order today.

Some other news i would like to share is my Secret Santa Swap parcel i received last week, my god who ever bought this for me, knows me very well - so me, girly, pink, princesses and a lovely stamp - just adored it. I know i should not of even opened it yet - but when it comes to Christmas i am probably the biggest kid in the house - i just could not wait, not like my other team members - they are all being really good. So look what i got

Can't wait to use these goodies. We are off to panto this weekend to see Cinderella, what better way to use these papers - just hope i manage to get some good photo's.
Anyway guess i better sign off - clock is ticking and it's bed time for me.
Will be back in a day or two with some more preview's.
Take care

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Many things to share......

Another week closer to Christmas - aarrgghhh!!!
I'm not actually doing too bad this year believe it or not - but i can guarantee i will be wrapping presents come Christmas Eve - seems to be a tradition within my family.

So how is everybody else doing - good i hope.
So this week all children are back to school and this morning i had my first peace and quiet in a few weeks - it was very nice - a whole hot cup of tea in one go - lol.

Today is my little boys 4th birthday - where have those years gone, remember everything like it was yesterday - does make me feel broody again, but think Tim would run the other way. Had a lovely day, we managed to get him the new Vtech Smile console which he has not left alone, even went to playgroup with him, bless, and now he is currently running over my feet with a new remote control from his Auntie!!!!! Thanks Sister.

As for scrapping i completely covered and bound together a Bo Bunny word book yesterday - can't believe i done so much in one go. It's the word 'party', decided to do this for my Niece for Christmas as it was her 7th birthday a few weeks back and she loves scrapping herself - so couldn't think of a better pressie. Have covered it in the new Imaginisce 'all kinds of happy' paper - really is scrummy and looks ever so nice on the book. I ordered all the pieces from Cleo Crafts who very kindly made me a co-ordinating bundle of card stock and ribbons to match - now that's service!!!!! http://www.cleocrafts.co.uk/
Now i am in the process of adding photos and lots of glitter - need to get it finished.

As for my JYC, I'm only on day 3, not very good at all - but once i have finished the party book i will be able to catch up in no time at all - i have all the prompts written down - so shouldn't be too hard.

I will be back again very soon to share photo's - i always remember to photograph when it's too dark!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow.
Take care


ps: Will leave you with a photo of our tree this year though :0)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Time for an update!

So, my last blog entry was Halloween and now i am sitting here counting down the days to Christmas - where did the month of November go!!!

It passed by with sick children - i hate to think how many times my car has visited the Dr's Surgery in the last few weeks - i swear the receptionist think i am an over reacting parent, but alas far from it.
Here in freezing England we have so many viruses, colds doing the rounds it's only expected that some one would be sick - but believe it or not for the entire last 5 weeks i have had a sick child at home and still the saga continues.

We have had coughs, colds, chest infections, upset tummy's and now the latest is Hannah's Scarlett Fever has returned!!!! We are waiting for test results from the Dr's to see if we need to change her course of treatment as it looks like she never recovered from the last episode back in October, but keeping fingers crossed we will be fit and healthy for Christmas.

As i haven't really had much 'me' time - creating/scrap booking has been extremely limited and of course like so many others at the moment i am also trying to get organised for Christmas.

I have plenty of projects on the go and am planning on doing a few things before Christmas as pressies - but i need more time. I have started the Journal your Christmas project and am still yet to start, although the front cover is all decorated and pages are cut - i just need to crack on!!!!!

Last night though i seemed to find some inspiration at 10.30pm and started to chop up paper, card and i came up with these placement cards for our Christmas dinner table. I like the final outcome although i am sure i can improve on them - DH even said they were nice!!!!

I have spent ages trawling web sites for matching table ware that is within a reasonable price range and of course i need 8 of everything, and i just gave up. I thought i have all these beautiful Christmas papers sitting in front of me just waiting to be used and for some strange reason Hannah is collecting toilet/kitchen rolls and piling them in my room (a future scrapper i see in the making - lol), so just had to be creative. I really enjoyed making these and i have a plan to make a little matching Christmas Tree too!!! Hopefully tomorrow after work :0).

Really simple to make - basically just cut a toilet/kitchen roll in half length ways - cover in paper and embellish. I did make a matching napkin/cutlery ring this afternoon in exactly the same way - at least it is all co-ordinating and but no least - home made and individual.

Now all i need to do is trawl the Internet for a olive/army green table cloth - aarrgghhh!!!!!

My creations...............................

Sorry for the poor quality photo's but light wasn't very good!!!
So this is all i have managed in the last few days - not very good, but hopefully December will bring more creativity.

Thanks for all stopping by, take care.


Friday, 31 October 2008

Forty Winks and Home

I have 2 LO's to share with you today before we head away for the weekend.

After we have done the whole trick and treating with the kids tonight we are off down to Kent to stay with my Mum - Tim and Liam are off to London tomorrow to see the Top Gear Live Show at Earls Court, and in the evening my Mum, Sister, Niece, Hannah, Sam and I are off to London to see Disney Nemo on Ice - so a good weekend lined up and we are all well enough to go!!!!!
I currently have my camera on the charger - just got to do the packing!!!

So i will leave you with my latest 2 pieces of work.
First one is my dad and i having Forty Winks when i was way younger - yes nice hair styles, no idea what my parents were thinking. Loved how this has turned out.

Used papers from October Afternoon.

Second piece is a sketch by Mojo Holder (can't remember the number) and i have changed it to accommodate the smaller size. Is a picture of our dream home we owned in Texas - how we loved this house and still miss it today!!! Am happy with the final outcome.

Used various brands of papers/embellishments that included Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Thickers. All items came from the October Bad Girls Kit.

So hope you all have a lovely Halloween weekend and i will be back early next week.

Take care



Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Scarlett Fever and Snow!

Strange title i know - but this has been the adventures so far this week.

As i mentioned in my previous post Hannah had not been well. Sunday afternoon she was not a well baby and i was growing rapidly concerned about her when i finally decided to call the weekend Dr for advise. I got such a good service - within the time of my first call to the point of actually seeing a DR was just a little over an hour. I could not of been happier.
They had confirmed that she was probably suffering from a bad bladder infection which was why she had so much pain - i was totally relieved.
Sunday evening was bad - very high temperature, sickness, tears - awful. Tim and I took it in turns to stay with her the night for comfort in the hope first dose of medicine and some sleep would do her the world of good.
Monday morning arrived - and she was covered in a rash from chest to hips!!! I was quietly concerned but Tim wasn't. During the day i kept checking - it wasn't going. I began to think maybe she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine, i then googled - bad idea, don't Dr's always tell you not to google health problems - i can see why. Well after reading the side effects, mummy began to panic.
I called the local DR, who for the second time called me back within minutes and got me an appointment immediately. Seeing the DR was a relief - but he was confused!!!!
It turns out that Hannah indeed doesn't have a bladder infection but in fact Scarlett Fever for a 2ND time this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only because she never had the strawberry tongue that i never realised, but hey bingo - Tuesday morning, she looked like a strawberry.
I am so pleased i took her back to the Dr's -- something was telling me things were not right. I can gladly say though that the medicine is starting to work and she is slowly recovering. When she had this back in Easter it was almost a 3 week recovery!

Hannah resting.

Last night saw our first snow of the year, bizarre, to only think we were wearing shorts and t-shirts a few weeks ago. We had a fair amount fall and settle, to only find complete ice this morning - the kids were so happy!!! Such a shame it couldn't wait a couple of months, we could of had a white Christmas.

Tried to get some photo's - but just to dark and cold!!! This was the best.

Hope the weather is not to bad where you all are.

I will be back before i go away Friday with some LO's to share.

Keep warm and take care



Sunday, 26 October 2008

It's reveal time!!!!!

What a wet and dreary Sunday - we were hoping to decorate the front of the house today in time for Halloween but it's really not the weather to be standing outside - guess i will be doing it the next couple of days with the kids.

Unfortunately my little Hannah is poorly, high temperature - no other symptoms yet but am hoping we are all well by the weekend as we are off to see Nemo on Ice in London (at the O2) this coming Saturday with my mum, sister and Niece - we are all really looking forward to it. We have been lucky that we have seen quite a few Disney on ice shows and they are really very good!!!!

So today, as it is near the end of the month i am revealing my LO i produced for Cleo Crafts - The papers in this kit were lovely - to be honest i had never seen them before. I felt they were crying for a wedding photo so none better than a photo of my mum and dad.
I have kept it quite simple - as i never wanted to draw attention away from the photo. I have layered the flower to give some depth and added the chipboard bracket and alpha's from my own stash and i am quite happy with the final result.

If you would like to purchase a kit from Cleo Crafts with instructions of how i made this LO, then pop on over to http://www.cleocrafts.co.uk/ as kits will be shipping on Tuesday.

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend - and i will be back again very soon with more LO's to share.

Take care



PS: Just a quick thank you to all who have left messages over the last few months - i really do love reading them all

Friday, 24 October 2008


Thank God It's Friday!

Well what a week - flown by but with so much happening, the normal day to day routines, coffee mornings (an IQ Party), Character dress up day, sickness - we couldn't pass a week without one of us being ill - but hey we got through it and now the kids are on half term and hopefully all sniffles, coughs temperatures can be eliminated from their bodies ready for a fresh start back at school in a weeks time.

I have so many things i would like to share with you right now but instead of over loading my blog i will take it one step at a time and pace it out.

I have been productive and finished a LO today (shock horror i hear you say) - i am thinking this is my best so far - am i allowed to say this!!!!!, i am just so happy with it - it's a picture of dad and i, when i was waaayy younger (yes nice hairstyles, no idea what my parents were thinking) - it just came together, really not requiring to much shuffling - now that's a true miracle in the making! Pictures of my dad are like gold dust to me now after loosing him suddenly last year - so probably another reason this LO rocks for me. Unfortunately because the nights are drawing darker quickly now i have been unable to photograph it - so i will have to upload in the morning - guess it gives you all another reason to pop back!!!!! (lol)

But on another note - i am almost closer to the big reveal of my LO i produced for Cleo Crafts - The kits are being shipped Tuesday!!!!. So i am going to give a few final sneakies - to wet those taste buds.......................

here goes

Don't those colours look awesome.

So i hope to be back tomorrow with some more things to share - so bid you all a fantastic Friday
Take care

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Another reveal!

As i am feeling kind tonight i thought i would do another little reveal of my Cleo Craft LO.

As you see i haven't done any manipulations in photo shop this time, thought i would let you see some colour !!!!!

So what are you thinking - nice colours!!! Exactly my reaction when the yummy packed filled pizza box landed on my door step.

Keep checking back over the next week for more sneakies and for the day i can reveal the entire LO.

Just to let you know over on the Cleo Craft blog (http://www.cleocrafts.blogspot.com/) they are running their first ever blog challenge with a fab prize for the winner - why not pop over and read all about it, you never know - you may be the lucky winner!!!!!

Well i am now of to watch America's Next Top Model - so will catch you all real soon

Take care



Monday, 20 October 2008

Team Challenge gone live!

Today my team challenge went live over at UKS.

This is our second challenge as a team - The Ready Steady Scrap!!!!

Each challenge is worth 30 points - so we broke down the criteria.

We had a sketch to follow.

To use photo's from outdoors

Use autumn colours

and have 10 of something

This was my contribution to the challenge. I used the New line of papers from October Afternoon - seriosuly scrummy and various pieces from my stash.

Sorry it's a short post - but i will be back really soon with another sneak peak of my Cleo Craft LO!!! - Its nearly dinner time.

Speak soon



Sunday, 19 October 2008

Time for the First Reveal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So here we are coming towards the end of October and it's nearing the new release of
Cleo Crafts November kit!
As i was chosen to be their Guest Designer this month, i had a lovely pizza box full of scrummy stash to play around with!!!

Over the next few days/weeks i hope to bring you sneaky peaks of my LO. If you fill you may want to order this kit then hop on over to the following web site and place your order before it's to late - i know they have limited stock.

So here is the all important first photo, can you work out the make of the paper?

Remember to keep checking back for futher photo's before the all important reveal. There are also sneaky peaks on the Cleo Crafts blog - go check it out!

Have a fun day



Thursday, 16 October 2008

Pencil Line Sketch 105!

Bit later than expected but i finally managed to finish Pencil Line sketch 105.
I enjoy having an attempt at the weekly sketches - but do not always get to finish them within the week time frame....................... have you sussed it, yes i am a seriously slow scrapper!!!!

I decided to scrap the latest photo's of Liam at his Monster Truck Experience as it was a multi photo sketch which was perfect. I used papers from various past Bad Girl Kits.

Products used:

White Bazzill Card Stock
American Crafts Moda Bella patterned paper
Hambly Screen Prints - 3/4" Graph
Hambly Screen Prints - Mod Circles.
Yellow & Brown Blooms from stash
Chipz Bracket (am loving these products at the moment)
MM Mini Shimmer Alpha's.

Last week i took delivery of my very yummy kit from Cleo Crafts to design a LO for the release of the November kit. One week later, i can gladly say it's complete!
I really enjoyed it - the papers were beautiful and was a perfect match for the photo i have used, although it's been a sentimental journey for me to do this LO, but you will all find out when i reveal all.
I hope to start the sneak peaks at some point over the weekend - just have to keep checking ;0)..............
I am now deciding what to scrap next. Had a look through my pattern paper collection yesterday and realised just how much i haven't used - i need to get scrapping.
Well i better go - Hannah & Sam's bed time
Be back soon
Take care

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Some LO's and..........................

Some news to share with you all.

It's been awhile since i last updated my blog but we have been kind of busy and unfortunately i had a tummy bug last week - which was not nice so took me awhile to get back to normal.

Last Saturday Liam had a Monster Truck Experience up at Thurleigh in Bedfordshire - a Christmas present from his Auntie - which was certainly different. He really enjoyed it, although it was a very cold and windy day but of course did not stop me taking photos or Tim filming.
Tim has put together a video here:
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=RA3pqayoOZQ and of course a photo to share

On route Tim kindly diverted to Stamping Up (A Scrapbook Store) which was only 20 mins away from the Monster Truck Destination, and Oh my god - it was heaven. I was really good and only purchased a couple of pieces of paper, but i could of spent hours there. I have decided that one weekend i shall drive there for a day out as we do not have any local stores where i live, as it is so nice to see before you buy.

Last week after having a couple of days being poorly i logged into my mail to find an email from Louise and Tara from Cleo Crafts in Northern Ireland (http://www.cleocrafts.co.uk/) asking if i would like to be a Guest Design Team member again for November - this really was a pick me up as i had no idea this was coming. I have kindly accepted the offer and hopefully as we speak my pizza box is flying to my door so i can start being creative. So start watching for the upcoming sneak peaks!!!!! Thanks girls for the opportunity.

As for LO's i have 2 to share.
The first one is something i done at a crop a few weeks ago. I saw these Basic Grey papers in a shop and had to use them that day. I choose a photo of Hannah back in 2006 on American Independence Day waiting for the local community parade. She just looks so young and adorable - how this little girl melts my heart.

Second LO is a sketch found by one of my fellow Team Members on UKS - WestieGirl.

I used photo's of Liam when he was much younger living in Holland. When ever we went to the park he always pulled silly faces - hence the title!!!

For this i used Prima 'Dude Collection' - love these papers, especially for the boy LO's i have in mind.

My attempt:

So as you can see a few busy days.
I have a few projects on the go and am almost finished with Pencil Line sketch 105!!!! Hopefully next post i will show you.
Hope your all enjoying the beautiful weather we have at the moment - make the most of it and i will be back very soon
Take care

Thursday, 25 September 2008

So, the month of

September has almost passed us by with a flash - were did it go.
Here we are preparing for the upcoming festivities of Harvest and Halloween. I truly love this time of year - has a special air about it, colour changes in the trees, beginning of a new academic year - nights in front of the fires (if we had one at least) but you get the picture.

So what has this month brought us?
Liam and Hannah starting their new school year. Liam now in yr 8 and Hannah in Yr 1. Sam has started pre-school 3 times a week. I was really worried about my little guy, having never been lefted before - but he has been a real star, i couldn't be happier. He loves it like no one can believe. I think the teachers were a little worried about his start day, but he amazed us all.

Liam had his first Karate exam and passed with flying colours. He is now the proud owner of a yellow belt. We are pleased he has kept this up as it will help build his confidence and hopefully be useful if needed later on in life ( i hope he would never have to use it) although it will help him for his future dream career - A Traffic cop!!!!

Liam with his Karate Certificate.

Apart from the normal day to day things - a lot has happened.

As for scrapping - i have completed 2 LO's - which i have just discovered i have not photographed and since the sky is black i will wait to see if we have a bit of sunshine.

I went to the Yately crop last week for the 2nd time - but to be honest i am in the process of thinking about starting my own crop here in Surrey Heath. I have made the necessary phone call to the local Village hall who can give me a suitable time and date - but i need to make sure it will be worth while. I am in the process of thinking up a name - this seems to be the hardest part. I will let you know if all goes ahead, keep those fingers and toes crossed.

I have also had a very interesting email this morning to which i can't say anything about - but i am a bit shocked. Its all good!!!!! (I'll let you think about that one).

We went for our first Autumn walk last weekend and of course the children experienced for the first time - collecting conkers. The weather was beautiful, so had to make the most of it. We had such a lovely day and of course i was really happy to get some lovely photo's of the children (Liam did not want to join us), so here i will share a few. The one of Hannah i just love.

I will be scrapping some of these photos for our team Weekly challenge on UKS - So be sure to pop along and join in the fun.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend



Friday, 5 September 2008

Pencil Line Sketch 100!

Over on the Pencil Line Sketch blog this week they are celebrating an achievement of a 100 sketches............. awesome. They do have some amazing work being produced - be sure to check it out!
As this week is special they are running a RAK for 12 lucky entries and a special kit for the overall winner - i just had to play along when i saw the sketch as i had the perfect paper.

I have used patterned paper from Making Memories Noteworthy Line - Delaney, i love the colours - bright and summery. The pictures are of Hannah and Sam on the carousel swings during the summer holidays (well what summer we have had lol).

I am quite pleased with the final result - obviously not 100% the same as the sketch as i scrap a smaller size so had to do some juggling around, but for my first ever sketch i really enjoyed it.

Thanks girls for a great sketch and may we look forward to another 100 fantastic sketches.

My Lo!!!!!

Take care



Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm back!!!!

Well I'm back - just about (lol).
First day back at school - all went quite well. Hannah was a little upset at the thought of a new teacher and class room, but she done great and had a big beaming smile when i collected her - that's what matters. I know she will be fine, has a lovely teacher again and the school is just fab - small and friendly. Liam has had a good day also - his new teacher rocks apparently, he has been chosen to be class rep this year which is awesome - really proud of him. Considering the troubles he had last year he has held his head up high and carried on - well done!!! But i sure do have some tired children on my hands tonight - guess it's an early night.

Tim has gone out for the evening all suited and booted. He is attending an Awards Ceremony on behalf of secamb (South East Coast Ambulance Service) as a First Responder. Not sure if he is in the pipeline for an award - but well done. For those of you that are unaware he works voluntarily for the Ambulance service serving the local community to life threatening calls. You can keep up to date with his blog at http://www.999responder.blogspot.com/

So i have finally found some time to update my blog and load my latest 2 LO's which have been on my table for a few days now. As posted previously i had a few days without any mojo so went blog surfing - like i do, it's a fascinating world out there and i decided to attempt Pencil Line sketch 84 - i actually really enjoyed it. I choose some photo's that were given to us by some friends when they stayed with us - but they were not very good - probably because our friend had a little to much to drink - but i liked them as they captured us when we were a family of 4. I chopped, re sized and they worked perfectly for this LO.

My 2ND Lo is a scrap lift from a blog i visit often - http://www.zarischka2.blogspot.com/ - check it out - some amazing lo's there!!! I had a beautiful photo of Hannah that i wanted to scrap so took the opportunity to use it. I used pp from the Delaney Noteworthy range and a few pieces of my own stash and i think it has come together well. (just so you know - i had permission to scrap lift and put on my blog (lol)!!)

So my peace and quiet has gone - i currently have a daughter singing down my ear - Calliou of all things - have you ever heard this song - it is so sweet.

I do have another LO to share with you but i need to photograph and load - i have managed to do the Pencil Line sketch 100!! Hopefully share with you tomorrow.

Have a great night and will speak with you soon



Monday, 1 September 2008


Just popping in for a quick post. I feel like my little blog has been kind of ignored lately!
It's been crazy round here............................ school starting this week, Sam finally off to playgroup - much to his horror - so lots going on.
I have finished 2 LO's that i shall load when i get a few spare minutes, still have 3 unfinished projects and have tons of house work!!!!!
Hopefully all will be back to normal by the end of the week and i can settle down in peace and quite and srap my hearts contents out!!!! Cool.
Hope you all have a fabby week and i promise to be back real soon

Take care

Friday, 22 August 2008

Whats Happened!!!!

Earlier in the week i had plenty of projects on the go - really enthusiastic about each and all of them, 2 mini books to finish, my little flower pot project and many LO's spinning around my mind - my fingers just could not work as fast as my mind was ticking.
Today - well, what has happened. I have come to my scrap room and tidied the entire lot away - in bags - not interested in them one bit!!!!!!! Where has my mojo gone - i hope it's just having a short break................................. it needs to come back FAST.

So tonight, with the final arrival of my August Bad Girl kit (which i will photo tomorrow), lovely as ever i might add - i am hoping to be creative over the weekend.

I have been doing some blog/web surfing tonight to see if i could find my creative mind and i think i may have found something. I have never used a Pencil Line sketch before - but so many scrappers do and they all make fantastic LO's - so i am hoping to tackle PL84.

I have found some photo's a friend gave to us when we lived back in Holland of when were just 4!

Lets hope i can do something good!!!

Anyway i hope you all have lovely weekends - and yes it's a Bank Holiday too!!!!!! Extra scrapping day.

Take care



Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Am i going POTS!!!!!

Well today saw me visit Hobby Craft in Woking for these tiny little pots - i have had idea's of making something for a couple of months but never had the time or known where to buy the equipment - hence my trip as it's a new store just opened up!!! (Can see myself visiting regularly)
Tonight i have had fun creating - project is now put together - just needs the finishing touches which i hope to finish tonight, although i can't be up to late as it's work in the morning!!!
My little book that i am also doing is half way through being finished, so busy busy busy. This has probably been my best craft/scrap booking month ever - having the children home from school has seen so much more spare time - didn't think i would say this but i am not actually looking forward to them going back in a few weeks..................
I hope to be back tomorrow to show you my final creation - should all go to plan, so keep those fingers crossed and come back very soon.
Take care
ps: Just got to say - has anybody been watching the Olympic's - WOW to Team GB, Fantastic achievement, Liam and myself might go to London on October 16th to London for the parade - obviously only if it's half term........................... been great to watch!!!!
Good luck to the other countries also!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Texas Child.

At last, my LO i finished last week.
I found this poem on the web one day and thought it was very apt for Sam, being a little Texan boy. Although we no longer live there, Texas is still very much spoke about and i feel it's important for Sam to understand where he was born and grew up for a little while before returning back to the UK.

I am not entirely happy with the final outcome, more so with the title - once i find the right size and font i will change it and hopefully the page will come together better. Love the colours of the paper - new line from October Afternoon and the picture of Sam is a few minutes after he was born.

Poem: Texas Child.

Blessed is the child who is Texan born,

Where the wind blows free and the sunshine warms;

Where children grow up to be honest and true,

To believe in themselves and in what they do.

Dew Sprinkled mornings, star studded nights,

Fields strewn with wild flowers, big city lights,

Sand dollar beaches, and hill country streams,

Wild western vista's as wide as your dreams.

It's all apart of the state you call home,

And apart of your heart, wherever you roam.

Tall tales 'round the campfire,

Or on Grandma's knee,

Rich with legends and hero's, a proud history

So dear Texas child, just reveal in glory -

Some day you'll write your own Texas story!

Thought this poem was beautiful and perfect for our very own Texan Child! Hope your all having a lovely weekend - and i will be back with a new little project very soon

Take care



Thursday, 14 August 2008

Mini Crop

This week saw our very own mini crop - now the first of many i am sure.

The scrappers were Hannah and Maddi (my Niece) - who got very involved making their first mini books. I gave them all my stash that i would not use - free samples from magazines that i have collected over the months - along with some flowers and bling!!! They were away.

I can't believe it kept them occupied for nearly 2 hours!!!
My dining room table soon become lost under the mountain of cut papers, buttons, letters - but i think they really enjoyed it. The final products were very good - i was very pleased!!!
Now all i have to do is rescue my dining room.
I will be back soon with a LO i finished last week - but unfortunately i haven't been able to sit down and produce anything, hopefully the upcoming weekend as i am so behind on the wonderful sketches from UKS stash bash. I am also eargly awaiting this months Bad Girls Kit........
Anyway take care - a little bit of olympic tv now!!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Whilst i remember................

i forgot that i had not shared with you my latest Bad Girl Kit from July. So before i unpack it all into it's rightful place here it is in all it's glory!!!!

Don't those papers look lush - really do not want to cut into these just yet - may take a few months!!!!! I am due the August kit again this month - really looking forward to this one, just for the mermaid stamp - looks beautiful, have a few ideas for this.

If you would like to take a look at the Bad girls web site - just click on http://www.badgirlskits.com , great for inspiration and to see some of the kits available.

Better get back to the children - have my Niece for the week so need to see what they are up to!!!

Take care



Sunday, 10 August 2008

At the park.

In between all the horrid weather we have had we took the chance yesterday and took Hannah and Sam to the park to let of some steam. But you guessed right - we got wet, didn't time it to well.

They had fun, although would not co-operate for the camera, much to mummy's dismay.

It's only a tiny park within our neighbourhood - but it's always quiet. This is about the only descent photo from about 30!!!!

Hope your all well

Take care



Friday, 8 August 2008

So, i was finally................

Brave and went to my first ever crop last night. It was nice to go and meet some other fellow scrappers and have a chat. I was not the only new face to the group, which also made it a little easier.

They had a nice selection of stash for sale, i only bought some blue gems - wasn't i good!!! (never mind what i bought last week - more of that later)

I was quite amazed though as i did finish my LO and in return it got a good response to which made me happy. It is always nice to get compliments on your work, i know probably not pleasing to all - but this is what makes the scrapping world so interesting.

So, it's now the weekend again and we have yet more rain on the way...................... which might mean i get some more scrapping done.

Have a good weekend

Take care



Thursday, 7 August 2008


This week saw the start of the Sultry Summer Stash Bash 08 on UKS.

For the next few weeks there will be different idea's and prompts to give us all a little inspiration over what seems a very long summer holiday and allows us to use some of our ever growing mountain of stash.

To get the party of with a bang we were given a class of mini books to make by Annette (aka - Voodoo Vixen), these are absolutely beautiful books, so i decided to make the circular book!!!!! As ever, it took me longer than a few hours to
make - more like 2 days but i am pleased with the final outcome. I have made the book for a trip we had to Virginia Water last year, so cannot wait to give the book it's final touches with photos and embellishments in the next couple of days.

I used the BG Archiac range (loving these papers at the minute) as the colours have a woodland feel and will offset the photo's lovely.

Hope you like and as ever thank you for taking the time to view my blog.

I am in the process of completing another LO from Wednesdays inspiration and will hopefully finish of tonight at my first ever crop!!!!!! I am off to Yately Manor school - so wish me luck. I will report back and let you all know how i get along.

Take care


Saturday, 2 August 2008


I have amazed myself and finished a LO in 2 days - whow!!!

I decided for a change to scrap some picture of me when i was 2 years old instead of my kids - felt it was about time.

I chose these pictures of me with some very good family friends Bob & Eve, who are sadly no longer with us. I remember growing up and being with them all the time, going on outings together to Eastbourne on Ebdons coaches............... went quite a few times even though my mum doesn't remember!!!!

I will always remember when it was my 7th Birthday, i went to visit them after school as they always gave us a little something and Bob gave me my present - it was a can of 7up!!!!! I have many many memories of my times spent with them and so these pictures mean a lot to me - they were all most like grandparents.

I hope you like the LO, now my thinking cap is on once more...........

Take care