Tuesday, 29 September 2009

October Reveal

is here.............

For those of you waiting for this long awaited reveal i hope you feel it has been worth the wait.
This months papers were probably my favourite to date probably because of the lovely soft muted colours and a great assortment of embellishments to match too.

Bo Bunny, Flutter Butter.

I have made something quite different this month, which i really enjoyed making and hope to make more of in the future.

Earlier in the month i took my mum back to Gloucestershire to visit her family (mine too obviously) but whilst visiting Newent we had the opportunity to do a tad of shopping - but Junk shop shopping. I have for a long time been wanting to find lace/watch faces and so on to use on my projects but without costing an arm and a leg and this was the perfect opportunity to dig deep and get some good bargains.

These junk shops were big and full of just about anything you wanted. I had a good rummage and found lots - yards of lace, old books and these cork board table mats. My mums face was a picture but i could see potential......................... a scrappers mind probably.

Now 2 weeks on i so wish i purchased them all, even the couple of round ones they had, probably could of made more books.......................... i will be keeping my eyes peeled in and around the shops here.

So, with the kit being forest colours and Glocsershire being in the middle of the forest i decided to use the cork board table mats and make a book.

It has been a very interesting learning curve, one which i have thoroughly enjoyed and i am really pleased with the final outcome. There are a few finishing touches i need to make, like the front page title and to bind the book together but overall i like the look.

Front Cover

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3Page 4

Materials used:

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Willow

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Burst

Cleo Craft Co-Ordinating embellishments consisting of:

Ribbon, ric-rac, Journalling Sprout, buttons, blooms.

From my own stash

Hambly Over lays, Bling gems and Card stock

If you would like to purchase this kit, or if you are thinking about a possible subscription then pop on over to Cleo Crafts shop and email Louise to place an order.

Have fun with your kits

Take care



Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spur of the moment project.........

So as mentioned yesterday i went to Hobby Craft for a wander and picked up those cool little robot stickers (see below post) and i knew which paper i wanted to match them with, Cosmo Cricket, Cogsmo Line. Yes i know they are old, but this is just a small collection of the mound of pattern paper waiting to be used.

Late last night i was sitting shuffling some other paper when i looked for the Cogsmo line and realised i actually had more of the collection than first thought. This got me thinking, maybe i could create a LO, or mini book - but about what subject???? Robots, maybe!

The stickers matched really well, puffy 3d makes them even cuter.

I remembered that for the past 2 years whilst being at Butlins we have seen Titan, the robot (awesome - google him if your unsure), and i got thinking about what i could create.

The mind wandered................... for a few minutes when i decided i would make a robot mini book.

Why, when i have so many other projects to complete???
I slept on the idea, in the hope that my delivery of paper would arrive today but unfortunately it never.

I couldn't resist any longer and i had to get to work on him..............
As you can see from the photo's, it is a slow process starting from scratch, but all the more rewarding.

Step 1: Draw robot..........
Step 2: Enlarge drawing.
Had to enlarge the pieces individually, but the arms and legs i left the same, to keep it easier and plus to fit him onto 12 x 12 paper.

Step 3: Draw template on Chipboard

Step 4: Final shape

I am now in the process of painting covering him but whilst sat here i have just thought whether or not i should use tin foil to cover him? Would it work? Something to sleep on i guess as i don't have any in the house.

Has anybody ever used tin foil before on altered projects/LO's/ etc, does it work?

So now i have started him you can guarantee my delivery of yummy papers will arrive tomorrow and i will be in 2 minds whether to finish him first or go back to the pumpkin project................... decisions decisions.

I will let you all know who wins..............................

As ever thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and leave comments - greatly appreciated

Take care