Saturday, 6 November 2010

Way, Way too long!!!

Its been way, way too long since i visited my little blog - a whole 7 months. I really do not know where time has gone this year, we are almost upon the Festivities of Christmas already!!

Now the problem is, where to start!!!, one of the reasons i have left it sooo long to come back and blog, do i track back over the last 7 months and fill you in on whats been happening or just start a fresh from today??, decisions decisions!!!

I think for now i will take it one step at a time, as although i have been in hiding i have been slowly creating various bits and pieces which i will hopefully showcase over the next few weeks, see i intend to keep this blog malarkey up!! **coughs quietly**

So today i wish to show you my Design Team LO using the fantastic Cleo Crafts November Kit which consists of the ever so popular Pixie-Licious line by Cosmo Cricket!! I absolutely love these papers, beautiful colours and the designs are fab!!!

I made this LO using a photo of me as a little girl with my bestest friend ever, "Sebby" our Siamese cat. He was an absolutely adorable cat, such stunning features, but unfortunately we never had him long as he got killed on the road one morning, i was totally devastated!!! It broke my heart, but thankfully as my Dad was a keen photographer we have many photos.

I used Fairy Rings paper as the main background with hints of Flower Fields to give some colour. All lettering and embellishments have come from my own stash, which is ever growing :)!!

Sorry for the quality of the photo, had to use my phone as my Eldest and DH have gone to LDN today to see Top Gear Live and have taken my camera :(.

As i had so much paper in this kit i made a gift tag for my Nieces upcoming birthday next week
she is an arts and crafts addict just like her Auntie, so i know she will love it, but i am certain she will love the gift inside more :)!!!

I used one of my stamps from C.C Designs, love these!! It was Cupcake Kiki.

Decided to use the Butterfly Kisses paper so coloured accordingly with my Pro-Markers. Made a large gift tag from Kraft card stock and i must say i think it turned out quite well!!

So as you can see i am still enjoying creating, all be it at a slow pace, lol. I do have some more Pixie papers left which i have lined up for another project, a pin board project!! I have so far, painted the frame but had to wait to get some new ink for my printer, now that's done i might actually sit down today and make a start!!

It feels really good to have found some time to update my blog, hopefully now i have made the big leap i won't leave it as long!!

I hope your enjoying this beautiful crisp autumn morning, we are tonight of to a Fireworks display which i am looking forward to. Have a great weekend everyone and i hope to be back real soon

Take care



Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I've remembered to join in, Yeah!! I can never believe how fast Wednesdays come around.

So, this is my second time of playing along with WOYWW, and what can i share with you all today, a messy desk for starters, lol.

Last time i joined in, which i think was 2 weeks ago i got alot of messages saying my desk was just far to tidy, so i am hoping my desk today is somewhat more pleasing, unfortunately not to my DH eye, but he clearly doesn't understand a crafters mind, lol!!.

I am in the middle of making Birthday Invitations for my Daughter who's birthday is on Monday. I have been asking her for the last 5 months literally what she wanted to do, she will be 7. She has never had a set idea or theme until Sunday of this week!! Yes, can you feel my panic??

She has decided she would like a slumber party with 6 girl friends next week, so i am rushing like mad to get these invitations done, nothing quite leaving it until the last minute!!
They are very plain and simple, but hopefully unique. Have just 2 more to go, but it's also American Idol TV time now too, think this could be a late night!!!

So this coming week i have lots to do, and now in the form of crafting too. Need to look for idea's for the girls at the sleep over, might even get them to make a frame they can keep as they are all going to different schools come September, so might be nice as a keepsake - any idea's on what i could do would be greatly appreciated!!

Hope you've enjoyed a little insight into my room, might even show you the other side next week!!
Thank you for stopping by and take care

Monday, 26 April 2010

I know it's not Halloween.........

but this cute stamp was itching to be inked up.

I am still trawling through my new stamp collection which is why you are seeing Halloween in the Spring/ Summer, lol.

I used a Cleo Craft kit for this card which consisted of My Minds Eye, Boo to you papers. They are such fun papers, and am glad i still have plenty more to use.

I made this as a gate fold card, learning new designs and techniques as i go along.

Today, as i had some "me" time i wanted to create a LO, about something very heart felt that my Daughter wrote me last week. I haven't achieved any scrapping in the last 3 months, which is why i have turned to card making, but i couldn't let this moment disappear.

I used the April kit from Cleo Crafts which consisted of American Crafts, Letterbox collection. Now i don't normally like American craft papers but i think they have excelled their self's with this collection, just seriously yummy.

Photo is of Hannah and i a few years back now. Hannah wrote this beautiful little letter last week and when she read it to me, it literally made me cry, i was so upset, with happiness of course.

She wrote:

My Mum is fantastic,
She plays with me,
She cuddles me and she reads stories with me,
My Mum is amazing.
She smiles at me,
She kisses me and puts me to bed,
She is a super Mum

She just melted my heart, and this is why i wanted to capture this now.
I am really pleased with the final outcome and not only that but i have also got her own handwriting included in the LO too, and will always have this beautiful memory.

Am now hoping i can start doing a few more LO's in the weeks to come along with the card making i am still very much enjoying.

Thank you so much for stopping my and leaving lovely messages, am of now to play with some sand, my next mission!! All will be revealed.
Take care

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A quick Update

Unfortunately not much crafting going on the last few days, i have a horrid virus, but hopefully i am over the worst and life is on the up again. I do look like Rudolph the red nose reindeer mind you, nothing a bit of make up won't hide, hopefully, lol.
As it's WOYWW, (have i got that right?) over on UKS, i thought i would play along this week and show where i scrap, messy as ever.

Hopefully have some cards to show you all soon.
Take care

Monday, 12 April 2010

A Productive Morning

Today has been a mellow day, pajama day as the kids like to call it.

I'm full of cold thanks to my little one, so pajama day has been the best medicine, although i am looking forward to the kids bed time, kinda been a long day.

It has enabled me however to sit down and get another card made, and i personally think this is my best one to date. I thoroughly enjoyed making this card, new stamp, lovely papers and a new card template that i hadn't tried before.

The papers are American Craft, Letterbox which i recieved as a kit from Cleo Crafts.

Hope you've all had a marvellous Monday.

Take care

Sunday, 11 April 2010

My first Sketch card Challange........

So, this new found hobby of mine has well, taken over my life.

Its been a little over a month since i bought my pro-markers and the journey of card making began.

I was never interested in cards, but since having a serious mojo lost for scrapping a while back it has helped me find my creative path once more and i am actually loving every minute of it. I have had a lot of encouragement from close friends too, which makes all the difference.

Now that i am exploring new sites and shops for new stash i came across this web site MojoMonday and really liked the sketch

My take on the challenge.....

Another C.C Design, just love these cute stamps, lol.

Have learnt today that i can download these as digi stamps, time to save for a new printer me thinks. I definitely learnt a lot making this card, but that's the beauty of learning and exploring in anything that you do.

Am now colouring a new design for another card with the scrumptious Cleo kit i received the other day, so be sure to check back.

This morning, as the sun was shining we took the opportunity to have a browse at the local boot fair, kills a Sunday morning. I always go to look for scrapping related goodies, albeit, lace, buttons, well anything really.

Today i was lucky in finding a glass jar, as DH kindly said, "not another glass jar".

I paid 50p for this and had a purpose for it already. It is to house my forever growing bloom collection which has expanded some what since the card making bug started.

Think it was worth every penny. Now it sits on my desk with the rest of the growing glass jar collection, soon enough i won't have any room to craft, just be full of jars filled with beautiful stash.
Anyway i best get going, time to cook the kiddies dinner.
Hope your all having a lovely Sunday - will be back soon
Take care

Saturday, 10 April 2010

I may not..........

Be at Alexander Palace for the Big Stamp and Scrap booking fair today, like originally planned, but i have treated myself to a few stash related purchases this week.

Its been hard trying to decide what to buy, papers, pens, stamps the list goes on and on and on, but i think i choose wisely - little bit of everything :0).

My first purchase was this kit from Cleo Crafts.

Can't wait to get tucked into this. Have a few idea's already.

So that was new paper and embellishments sorted. What could come next?? Yes that's right, more stamps.

I managed to pick up these 2 little cuties from Bunny Zoe's, believe they are new stock. I absolutely the C.C.Design stamps, such fun to colour.

My last and final purchase of the week was yesterday whilst out shopping in town. I happened to go into Claire's Accessories and Accessorize and looked what i walked into..........

I've no idea what i will use them for, but just 'had' to have them. I particularly like the little bird ones, so darn cute.

So that is my little expenditure this week, far more less than had i gone to Alexander Palace, but I'm happy.

My Daughter had a party to go to this morning so asked if i would make a card. I used my new Kiki La Rue stamp i got yesterday. Had total fun making this and think it turned out OK. She loved it, her Mum too.

I hope your enjoying our latest weather - been so nice to wake up to sunshine.

Will hopefully be back tomorrow with another card, so be sure to pop back.

Thank you for all the lovely comments lately, very much appreciated,

Take care



Friday, 2 April 2010

Wedding card and weekend away

Easter has been and gone, i can't quite believe it to be honest, went by in a flash.
Unfortunately ours was cut short as my youngest Son and Mum became poorly. I think they both have the same and as i have just returned from the Dr's i can say it's just a nasty virus doing the rounds, but Sam had us worried for a few days, especially on Sunday when he was covered in a rash.
Lots of Calpol, Nurofen and cuddles been given at present and now just hoping for a speedy recovery.

On Saturday Mum and i booked to go see this

It was a good show, although i never realised it was entirely performed with singing, i found it a bit much. The leading lady was absolutely brilliant though, what an amazing voice. The costumes and set were so authentic, i have never heard such a quiet audience, we were all very much captivated. Think the next show on the agenda is "The Full Monty", should be a good laugh.

Whilst down at my Mum's in Kent i did find an opportunity to spare a few seconds in the local Paperchase, as one does. Managed to pick up some cute little stickers, was hoping for more, but wasn't to keen on the new lines. Am hoping to use these in a few LO's should my scrapping mojo return.

To help me find my mojo i have ordered a lovely kit from Cleo Crafts, it's winging it's way to me as i type, so might have a lovely box of pizza goodies tomorrow. I was hoping to get to Alexander Palace this weekend, but unfortunately it won't be happening now, so treated myself to a little stash, might purchase a couple more stamps also, although i haven't used the ones i already have. Actually fancy a Magnolia or 2!!!

Before the kids finished school last week, i made DS2 teacher a wedding card that i have not shared with you yet. This was a last minute dash to get finished for one reason or another. I used a C.C Design stamp, Sugar Plum Bride Emma, love these little images such fun to colour. I kept the image very simple, just highlighting parts of the dress and colouring the flowers to the expected colour scheme of the wedding. Added some sparkle to the head dress and bouquet.

I hope she liked it.

I am hoping to get some cards/scrapping done within the next few days, have seen a card sketch i would like to have a go at, and think i have the perfect stamp and paper.

Never know you may also get to see a LO, if my mojo resurfaces when the pizza box arrives, now that will be a miracle in the making.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, and got many lovely chocolate eggs.

Take care

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Cards

I told you i would be back soon, and here i am.

Thank you so much for all the kind messages left on my blog, they really did cheer me up and made me realise that all we stumble from time to time and hobby's are no exception.

Anyway, as you can see my mojo is fully geared up and raring to go. I am loving my new hobby, never thought i would say that about card making. I seem to of found that perfect balance, Creating whilst having fun, i loved colouring in as a child, would always have plenty of those cheap colouring books, remember the ones, that had that funny smell, and the pens would always bleed, so it only feels natural to be colouring again, but only this time with better pens and beautiful images. My DD seems to be following my trait at the moment - the mounds of colouring books have surfaced again, and yes she does have those beady little eyes on my pens (pro-markers), and that is a big no no!! (what a cruel mummy i am, but she has my Marve le Plume's instead, that's a good compromise, don't you think??).

So as the children finish for school tomorrow, only feels like they have just gone back, but never mind, Hannah asked if i would make some Easter Cards for her Teacher's. So couldn't resist a challenge.

I am having to make 4, as Sam attends the same school and can't miss his teachers out. I have tried to make them all different, which is good as i am learning new things as i go along.

So here are the first 2...................

What you think? Hope the teachers like them, they do have a tiny Lindt Egg to go with them too, yum............

I have 1 more to make tonight and a very special wedding card also. Sam my DS2 teacher gets married on Thursday, so only right i make her a card too. Just hope it turns out ok, bit worried about that one.

Hope your all having a nice day, and not getting any of that predicted snowfall, isn't it suppose to be British Summertime??, madness.

Take care

Sunday, 28 March 2010

I'm back...........

and hopefully this time to stay. This post is long, sorry!

It has been a long couple of months since i last blogged, so much for my new years resolution. Never quite know why i start them in the first place as i always get to the second week of January and they always end up out the window.

So were have i been? the answer is actually no where.

Daily life seems to be very busy at the moment, we have been through the process of choosing GCSE options with our eldest Son, now we are waiting to see if he gets the subjects he chose, also choosing a Junior School for our Daughter, which we got our first choice and then just normal day to day activities with the kids. Time just seems to be flying past right now.

As for crafting, well that's been lurking somewhere..

For the last few weeks or months even, i have been contemplating giving up the scrapping hobby as i just lost all enthusiasm and love for it. I felt like i had a huge weight on my shoulders that i wanted to get so much done, and never seemed to get anywhere. I am never happy with what i achieve and that's always after at least a week on each LO. In the past i have lost my mojo but never to this extent, i never stepped foot in my craft room, my desk laid empty, embellishments gathering dust, it was BAD!

I had serious thoughts about selling my belongings and finding something new to do. This hung around with me for a few weeks but before i hit the bullet i attended my local crop to see if i could surface this long lost mojo.

Crop was a blast, great to catch up with friends, but as ever i never actually achieved much (nothing unusual there, lol). Friends were very supportive and told me how silly i would be to just walk away from it all, i listened well, thought about it, but things still never materialised.

I then came back even more confused about what to do. I packed away my things and left it at that.

Couple of weeks passed, still no crafting being done, lots of face book games being played though. It was Mother's Day weekend, the kids were excited to be going out with Daddy on the Saturday to buy me a card and little pressie (we don't really celebrate Mother's Day, just keep it very simple). I got up on the Saturday morning and just happened to flick over to Create and Craft TV channel, and they were advertising pro-markers. I sat watching the hour long programme, thinking about some of the cards i have seen made using these pens and being in ore.

DH suggested to me that i go buy some as my Mother's Day present at the local Hobby Craft, i took the opportunity and went, with DD in tow. We had a lovely girlie day out, she too is a craft fanatic and had some pocket money to spend, which she did.

I must admit, i really enjoyed it. I stood there looking at the Martha Stewart punches thinking "why have i been so silly", what would i achieve giving everything up, not only my belongings but some of the wonderful friends i have made along the way. I stopped being stubborn and bought the pens, and of course a punch fell into the basket too :0).

The rest of the weekend was spent colouring and the rest is history. My mojo is alive once more, yeah!!!

So here are my new pens, i absolutely LOVE them.

So what come with new pens, yep that's right, new stamps. After hours of trawling the Internet i finally decided i loved the C.C Designs, Sugar Plums stamps so ordered a few to keep me busy, some i even got in a sale, guess they are last years designs, but i am not fussed.

So my new lovely stamps, and yes a couple more pens and magnolia paper.
So my new passion at the moment is to make cards. Scrap booking i hope will return one day, but for now, it's time for grown up colouring.

This has given me the perfect opportunity to use up all my old scraps of card stock and paper, and i do have a fair amount as you can see

I sat and sorted it all outI was ready to make the first card.

A good friend Kate very kindly sent me some stamped images to get me started and also whilst i waited for my stamps to arrive. I had a lovely selection of Magnolia's, Sarah Kay and Anya's, i had such fun testing out my pens.

I took the big step and decided to make my first proper card. I choose this Magnolia stamp purely as i had some paper i wanted to use from Pink Paislee. So my first "proper" attempt at colouring....................

I've now decided i "need" some Magnolia stamps, i bet DH didn't realise how expensive a hobby is making cards, lol.

So finally my first ever finished card......................

I really enjoyed making this card, the colouring was very relaxing. I am still very much a beginner but am totally looking forward to learning new techniques and of course continuing the growth of my pen collection. Just a mere 148 to collect, that will take some time, but i am soo glad to be creating again.
I am in the process of making some Easter cards for my DD & DS2 teachers for when they finish school on Wednesday for Easter break and plus a very important wedding card for my DS2 teacher who gets married on Thursday, so i will have a couple of more cards to share with you very soon.
I will of course not leave it soooo long to update my blog again, hopefully now i am creating i can upload as i go.
Thank you for stopping by and leaving comments, i really appreciate them

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Walk Hand in Hand

So another blog post in a week, i am trying to keep my resolution going, after all i have to keep to it for at least a month, lol.

How are you all, snowed in? We have had another couple of inches fall overnight, which isn't much but considering how much was already lying, it's still quite deep in some places. The main roads yesterday were passable, but sides roads were treacherous. So today i have the family home again, schools closed, work impossible to get to. Unfortunately now for us, the beauty and fun of it has gone, it's now becoming a headache. Cabin fever has set in and we just want normality again - hopefully by the weekend it will begin to thaw, just in time for my crop on Sunday, yeah!

So as we have had many days at home i have been able to get some scrapping done. I thought it was about time i made a LO, its been months since i done one, always seem to be making mini books. On a blog hop a few weeks back i came across the Butterfly Craft blog which had a sketch for you to follow:

The Sketch:

I instantly knew what paper i wanted to use for this sketch and so thought about what photo to use, searching for many hours, i finally made the choice and got to work. I must say i have never completed a LO in such a quick time, i am known for paper shuffling.
I am pleased with the final outcome and most of all my LO mojo has kicked back in and now want to complete many more.

My take on the sketch: "Walk Hand in Hand"

Products used:

Little Ladies collection by My Little Shoebox Company

Tim Holtz Ticket

Kraft Cardstock Journalling tag

American Craft Poolside Thickers

Making Memories alphabet letters

and some bling gems.

Have thoroughly enjoyed doing this LO, and now in the process of completing some more, but i am also awaiting a delivery of photo's and some more new stash, their that resolution went out the window "To save for AP", but couldn't resist the sales, lol.

My Websters pages book is still a work in progress, hopefully soon i can share with you all.

Thank you for taking the time to leave messages - i love reading them.
Take care


Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow much fun

Well snow has to be the topic for this post.

We have been inundated with snow since Tuesday afternoon, which has left us snowed in literally, freezing temperatures, 2ft icicles, but we have had so much fun in the process.

As i sit here typing we are getting another light dusting, but with more heavy snow on the way for the next 24/48 few hours.

In the last few days we have built snowmen, had snowball fights, built an igloo, pushed 15 cars out of the snow outside our house and checked on elderly neighbours.

Unfortunately though it seems like England has come to a stand still, the children haven't been back to school, there's been no post, no rubbish collection and it looks set to continue, but hopefully by next week we will be over the worst of it and normality can reign again.

The snowy weather though has enabled me to get out and about with the camera and get some shots of the children and surrounding area, which as a scrapper i am thankful for. Gives me lots of LO's to plan and do in the next few weeks, never mind Christmas ones yet to be done.

With the unexpected time at home i have been able to achieve some scrapping, not as much as planned as trying to keep the children occupied.

I am in the process of completing an Ancestry album for my mum for her birthday using the Websters pages Nature's Storybook collection. I have managed to get some very old photo's of my great great great Grandad and various other relations and put them all together in an 6 x 6 album. My mum has been researching family history for 10 years now, so hopefully she will like it.

Front Cover

An inside page

I believe this is my G.G.G. Grandad, i just need to collect the year and his name from my mum and i can ad these details. Have tried to keep it as masculine as possible, a bit hard when the papers are flowery.

Have 2 more pages to complete, pictures are printed, so hopefully i will have it finished soon.

So my DH has just gone out on the road on behalf of the Ambulance Service (he's a volunteer) attending 999 calls for the night shift. They are ever so busy at the moment and need as many extra hands as possible.Just hoping he is safe out on the streets in this terrible weather.

With that i will leave you with a few photo's i have taken in the last few days, i have over a 100 already. Just need to find some lovely matching paper - do i feel a stash spree coming on :)?

Our Road

The Snowman
The Crescent
Well i hope your all keeping safe and warm and are not to snowed in where ever you may be located in the UK.
Thank you for stopping by
Take care

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all!!

A little belated but the festive holidays have been a little hectic. Lots of lovely food and drink was consumed and Santa bought us some lovely gifts. I hope you all had a lovely holiday.
So 2010 already, i remember celebrating the millennium, only seems like yesterday. A whole decade has past, one that is filled with happy and sad memories.

So a new day, a new week, a new month, a new year and last but not least a new decade and a new start for me in all areas.

I am looking forward to the year ahead, not that i have any set plans just yet but i have a "good" feeling and of course i do have a few resolutions i would like to achieve this year.

My first resolution is to keep this blog up to date as i have seriously neglected it the last few months. The days have just flown by me and i never seemed to get a chance to log on and update. I am hoping to update at least once a week, if not more.

My second resolution is to "save". I am wanting to save for various things this year, some more important than others but it's going to be hard when i have all the new releases from CHA hitting the scrapping shops soon and then of course Ally Pally, lol. We will have to see how this one goes, wish me luck lol!!

Over the last few months i haven't done much scrapping unfortunately.
In December i did decide to make little Snowman Soup Bags for my youngest 2 Teachers as little thank you gifts. I never know what to buy and think they must get over whelmed, so thought these would be ideal.

I was really happy to recieve lovely comments from the teachers, which made it all worth while

The contents of Snowman Soup bags

Completed bag
I had to make 6 of these, which did take awhile as all the bags were handmade from 1 sheet of 12 x 12 patterned paper. What made it better was that we had a heavy downpor of snow the night before school finished, so they seemed the perfect pressie to give, alas being called Snowman Soup Bags!!!

I did also make a start on the Journal Your Christmas project by Jessica Sprague. I bought lots of new goodies and was really looking forward to documenting our Christmas. I made an effort to make 14 different size pages using different styles, fabrics etc, the rest were going to be completed on a daily basis, but i was only to not touch it at all in the month of December. Now how bad is that!!! Its all still sitting on my desk waiting to be looked at. Thankfully i did take many photo's and keep various pieces, so hopefully i will make a start on it once the kids are back to school and normality reigns again. I was very upset with myself.

My time as a DT member at Cleo Crafts has come to end :(, i have thoroughly enjoyed the kits over the last year, some needing more imagaination than others. I have made some lovely friends throughout the year and i wish them all the best for the future.

I am guessing this will now give me some time to complete various projects i have on the go, i can list 3 for sure and i have some LO's i want to get together aswell. So look forward to the next few months.

I am also now wondering whether i should start the new class on UKS. Document 2010 looks good and seeing as it is only once a month i am thinking i could handle this (lol). I will let you know what i do
Are any of you joining in on this project?
So, as promised i will be back very soon as i do have a project to share with you, just need a few hours to complete it. Its using the fabby Websters pages which is the latest kit from Cleo Crafts. The papers are so much better in real life, such lovely quality. Am making a special birthday present for a family member.
So keep warm, keep safe and take care