Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Easter Cards

I told you i would be back soon, and here i am.

Thank you so much for all the kind messages left on my blog, they really did cheer me up and made me realise that all we stumble from time to time and hobby's are no exception.

Anyway, as you can see my mojo is fully geared up and raring to go. I am loving my new hobby, never thought i would say that about card making. I seem to of found that perfect balance, Creating whilst having fun, i loved colouring in as a child, would always have plenty of those cheap colouring books, remember the ones, that had that funny smell, and the pens would always bleed, so it only feels natural to be colouring again, but only this time with better pens and beautiful images. My DD seems to be following my trait at the moment - the mounds of colouring books have surfaced again, and yes she does have those beady little eyes on my pens (pro-markers), and that is a big no no!! (what a cruel mummy i am, but she has my Marve le Plume's instead, that's a good compromise, don't you think??).

So as the children finish for school tomorrow, only feels like they have just gone back, but never mind, Hannah asked if i would make some Easter Cards for her Teacher's. So couldn't resist a challenge.

I am having to make 4, as Sam attends the same school and can't miss his teachers out. I have tried to make them all different, which is good as i am learning new things as i go along.

So here are the first 2...................

What you think? Hope the teachers like them, they do have a tiny Lindt Egg to go with them too, yum............

I have 1 more to make tonight and a very special wedding card also. Sam my DS2 teacher gets married on Thursday, so only right i make her a card too. Just hope it turns out ok, bit worried about that one.

Hope your all having a nice day, and not getting any of that predicted snowfall, isn't it suppose to be British Summertime??, madness.

Take care


Sandra said...

sorry about the long post on yesterdays card LOL. But you've really got the card making down now haven't you :) .... They look fab. You don't happen to know the secret to kicking me back into scrapping or card making, do you LOL

Sarah xx said...

Super super cute cards!!! xxx

Alix said...

such sweet cards and what a pretty blog!

my5bratz said...

beautiful cards, Im sure they'll love them :0)

Jenny said...

Thay are so cute! I don't do cards but might have to try. :)

sutty said...

The cards are gorgeous I bet the teachers loved them...my kids look at my stash too they like my bug and always want to assist and cut things out!

Alex said...

Cute cards, I just adore cc design images.

Thanks for sharing.

Alex x

gillyb's crafting blog said...

Hi Sarah. Thank you for visiting my blog. I often pop onto yours for a nosey. Bet your kids are getting really big now. CARDS huh ! Well done, they;'re lovely. I've never gotten into cards as you may recall.

I'm OK and family. DS has a girlfriend and has moved in with her! ~Shock~

DD just applying for university - where has the years gone.

I've got a new job so I can get away from the dreadful woman I work with - have now been with NHS for 16 months - how quickly the time goes by.

YOU still working?

Keep happy. Thanks again.