Friday, 22 August 2008

Whats Happened!!!!

Earlier in the week i had plenty of projects on the go - really enthusiastic about each and all of them, 2 mini books to finish, my little flower pot project and many LO's spinning around my mind - my fingers just could not work as fast as my mind was ticking.
Today - well, what has happened. I have come to my scrap room and tidied the entire lot away - in bags - not interested in them one bit!!!!!!! Where has my mojo gone - i hope it's just having a short break................................. it needs to come back FAST.

So tonight, with the final arrival of my August Bad Girl kit (which i will photo tomorrow), lovely as ever i might add - i am hoping to be creative over the weekend.

I have been doing some blog/web surfing tonight to see if i could find my creative mind and i think i may have found something. I have never used a Pencil Line sketch before - but so many scrappers do and they all make fantastic LO's - so i am hoping to tackle PL84.

I have found some photo's a friend gave to us when we lived back in Holland of when were just 4!

Lets hope i can do something good!!!

Anyway i hope you all have lovely weekends - and yes it's a Bank Holiday too!!!!!! Extra scrapping day.

Take care



Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Am i going POTS!!!!!

Well today saw me visit Hobby Craft in Woking for these tiny little pots - i have had idea's of making something for a couple of months but never had the time or known where to buy the equipment - hence my trip as it's a new store just opened up!!! (Can see myself visiting regularly)
Tonight i have had fun creating - project is now put together - just needs the finishing touches which i hope to finish tonight, although i can't be up to late as it's work in the morning!!!
My little book that i am also doing is half way through being finished, so busy busy busy. This has probably been my best craft/scrap booking month ever - having the children home from school has seen so much more spare time - didn't think i would say this but i am not actually looking forward to them going back in a few weeks..................
I hope to be back tomorrow to show you my final creation - should all go to plan, so keep those fingers crossed and come back very soon.
Take care
ps: Just got to say - has anybody been watching the Olympic's - WOW to Team GB, Fantastic achievement, Liam and myself might go to London on October 16th to London for the parade - obviously only if it's half term........................... been great to watch!!!!
Good luck to the other countries also!

Saturday, 16 August 2008

Texas Child.

At last, my LO i finished last week.
I found this poem on the web one day and thought it was very apt for Sam, being a little Texan boy. Although we no longer live there, Texas is still very much spoke about and i feel it's important for Sam to understand where he was born and grew up for a little while before returning back to the UK.

I am not entirely happy with the final outcome, more so with the title - once i find the right size and font i will change it and hopefully the page will come together better. Love the colours of the paper - new line from October Afternoon and the picture of Sam is a few minutes after he was born.

Poem: Texas Child.

Blessed is the child who is Texan born,

Where the wind blows free and the sunshine warms;

Where children grow up to be honest and true,

To believe in themselves and in what they do.

Dew Sprinkled mornings, star studded nights,

Fields strewn with wild flowers, big city lights,

Sand dollar beaches, and hill country streams,

Wild western vista's as wide as your dreams.

It's all apart of the state you call home,

And apart of your heart, wherever you roam.

Tall tales 'round the campfire,

Or on Grandma's knee,

Rich with legends and hero's, a proud history

So dear Texas child, just reveal in glory -

Some day you'll write your own Texas story!

Thought this poem was beautiful and perfect for our very own Texan Child! Hope your all having a lovely weekend - and i will be back with a new little project very soon

Take care



Thursday, 14 August 2008

Mini Crop

This week saw our very own mini crop - now the first of many i am sure.

The scrappers were Hannah and Maddi (my Niece) - who got very involved making their first mini books. I gave them all my stash that i would not use - free samples from magazines that i have collected over the months - along with some flowers and bling!!! They were away.

I can't believe it kept them occupied for nearly 2 hours!!!
My dining room table soon become lost under the mountain of cut papers, buttons, letters - but i think they really enjoyed it. The final products were very good - i was very pleased!!!
Now all i have to do is rescue my dining room.
I will be back soon with a LO i finished last week - but unfortunately i haven't been able to sit down and produce anything, hopefully the upcoming weekend as i am so behind on the wonderful sketches from UKS stash bash. I am also eargly awaiting this months Bad Girls Kit........
Anyway take care - a little bit of olympic tv now!!!

Monday, 11 August 2008

Whilst i remember................

i forgot that i had not shared with you my latest Bad Girl Kit from July. So before i unpack it all into it's rightful place here it is in all it's glory!!!!

Don't those papers look lush - really do not want to cut into these just yet - may take a few months!!!!! I am due the August kit again this month - really looking forward to this one, just for the mermaid stamp - looks beautiful, have a few ideas for this.

If you would like to take a look at the Bad girls web site - just click on http://www.badgirlskits.com , great for inspiration and to see some of the kits available.

Better get back to the children - have my Niece for the week so need to see what they are up to!!!

Take care



Sunday, 10 August 2008

At the park.

In between all the horrid weather we have had we took the chance yesterday and took Hannah and Sam to the park to let of some steam. But you guessed right - we got wet, didn't time it to well.

They had fun, although would not co-operate for the camera, much to mummy's dismay.

It's only a tiny park within our neighbourhood - but it's always quiet. This is about the only descent photo from about 30!!!!

Hope your all well

Take care



Friday, 8 August 2008

So, i was finally................

Brave and went to my first ever crop last night. It was nice to go and meet some other fellow scrappers and have a chat. I was not the only new face to the group, which also made it a little easier.

They had a nice selection of stash for sale, i only bought some blue gems - wasn't i good!!! (never mind what i bought last week - more of that later)

I was quite amazed though as i did finish my LO and in return it got a good response to which made me happy. It is always nice to get compliments on your work, i know probably not pleasing to all - but this is what makes the scrapping world so interesting.

So, it's now the weekend again and we have yet more rain on the way...................... which might mean i get some more scrapping done.

Have a good weekend

Take care



Thursday, 7 August 2008


This week saw the start of the Sultry Summer Stash Bash 08 on UKS.

For the next few weeks there will be different idea's and prompts to give us all a little inspiration over what seems a very long summer holiday and allows us to use some of our ever growing mountain of stash.

To get the party of with a bang we were given a class of mini books to make by Annette (aka - Voodoo Vixen), these are absolutely beautiful books, so i decided to make the circular book!!!!! As ever, it took me longer than a few hours to
make - more like 2 days but i am pleased with the final outcome. I have made the book for a trip we had to Virginia Water last year, so cannot wait to give the book it's final touches with photos and embellishments in the next couple of days.

I used the BG Archiac range (loving these papers at the minute) as the colours have a woodland feel and will offset the photo's lovely.

Hope you like and as ever thank you for taking the time to view my blog.

I am in the process of completing another LO from Wednesdays inspiration and will hopefully finish of tonight at my first ever crop!!!!!! I am off to Yately Manor school - so wish me luck. I will report back and let you all know how i get along.

Take care


Saturday, 2 August 2008


I have amazed myself and finished a LO in 2 days - whow!!!

I decided for a change to scrap some picture of me when i was 2 years old instead of my kids - felt it was about time.

I chose these pictures of me with some very good family friends Bob & Eve, who are sadly no longer with us. I remember growing up and being with them all the time, going on outings together to Eastbourne on Ebdons coaches............... went quite a few times even though my mum doesn't remember!!!!

I will always remember when it was my 7th Birthday, i went to visit them after school as they always gave us a little something and Bob gave me my present - it was a can of 7up!!!!! I have many many memories of my times spent with them and so these pictures mean a lot to me - they were all most like grandparents.

I hope you like the LO, now my thinking cap is on once more...........

Take care



Friday, 1 August 2008

As promised....................

So i have finally up loaded my latest 2 LO's to show you - i done these 2 a few weeks back but with it being the summer holidays my time is else where at the minute.

This photo of Liam was taken when we lived in Holland. We were at the local park and obviously he was screaming about something - just wished i remembered what!!! Think it makes a brilliant photo.

I used papers from BG Archiac range which are lovely and matched the photo perfectly. The circle is raised as i used a technique Tuesday tile - to give some depth. I made the title from cut CS and rub ons from Cosmo Cricket.

My second LO is photos of Hannah at the Frimley Lodge Fete back in May. She absolutely loved this bouncy castle and i was lucky in capturing the excitement - so i wanted to use lots of little photos.

I am quite pleased with the final result of these both. Now i just have to get my thinking cap on to make another..............

Hope your all having lovely summer breaks and i will be back later..........
Take care xx