Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Am i going POTS!!!!!

Well today saw me visit Hobby Craft in Woking for these tiny little pots - i have had idea's of making something for a couple of months but never had the time or known where to buy the equipment - hence my trip as it's a new store just opened up!!! (Can see myself visiting regularly)
Tonight i have had fun creating - project is now put together - just needs the finishing touches which i hope to finish tonight, although i can't be up to late as it's work in the morning!!!
My little book that i am also doing is half way through being finished, so busy busy busy. This has probably been my best craft/scrap booking month ever - having the children home from school has seen so much more spare time - didn't think i would say this but i am not actually looking forward to them going back in a few weeks..................
I hope to be back tomorrow to show you my final creation - should all go to plan, so keep those fingers crossed and come back very soon.
Take care
ps: Just got to say - has anybody been watching the Olympic's - WOW to Team GB, Fantastic achievement, Liam and myself might go to London on October 16th to London for the parade - obviously only if it's half term........................... been great to watch!!!!
Good luck to the other countries also!


secret scrapbooker said...

Im intigued now sarah ....will check back ti see the finished one.

cantstopstampin said...

loving the style of your blog sarah. AND thank you for visiting mine and leaving a comment - I do visit yours regularly. As you know I love your scrapbook style too - I tend not to leave comments on blogs - so this is almost a first. Tee Hee.

Thanks for the concerns to and good wishes - I hope things get better for you too.


Amanda said...

Cant wait to see the finished result love the look of your blog too :)