Tuesday, 29 September 2009

October Reveal

is here.............

For those of you waiting for this long awaited reveal i hope you feel it has been worth the wait.
This months papers were probably my favourite to date probably because of the lovely soft muted colours and a great assortment of embellishments to match too.

Bo Bunny, Flutter Butter.

I have made something quite different this month, which i really enjoyed making and hope to make more of in the future.

Earlier in the month i took my mum back to Gloucestershire to visit her family (mine too obviously) but whilst visiting Newent we had the opportunity to do a tad of shopping - but Junk shop shopping. I have for a long time been wanting to find lace/watch faces and so on to use on my projects but without costing an arm and a leg and this was the perfect opportunity to dig deep and get some good bargains.

These junk shops were big and full of just about anything you wanted. I had a good rummage and found lots - yards of lace, old books and these cork board table mats. My mums face was a picture but i could see potential......................... a scrappers mind probably.

Now 2 weeks on i so wish i purchased them all, even the couple of round ones they had, probably could of made more books.......................... i will be keeping my eyes peeled in and around the shops here.

So, with the kit being forest colours and Glocsershire being in the middle of the forest i decided to use the cork board table mats and make a book.

It has been a very interesting learning curve, one which i have thoroughly enjoyed and i am really pleased with the final outcome. There are a few finishing touches i need to make, like the front page title and to bind the book together but overall i like the look.

Front Cover

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3Page 4

Materials used:

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Willow

Bo Bunny Flutter Butter Burst

Cleo Craft Co-Ordinating embellishments consisting of:

Ribbon, ric-rac, Journalling Sprout, buttons, blooms.

From my own stash

Hambly Over lays, Bling gems and Card stock

If you would like to purchase this kit, or if you are thinking about a possible subscription then pop on over to Cleo Crafts shop and email Louise to place an order.

Have fun with your kits

Take care



Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Spur of the moment project.........

So as mentioned yesterday i went to Hobby Craft for a wander and picked up those cool little robot stickers (see below post) and i knew which paper i wanted to match them with, Cosmo Cricket, Cogsmo Line. Yes i know they are old, but this is just a small collection of the mound of pattern paper waiting to be used.

Late last night i was sitting shuffling some other paper when i looked for the Cogsmo line and realised i actually had more of the collection than first thought. This got me thinking, maybe i could create a LO, or mini book - but about what subject???? Robots, maybe!

The stickers matched really well, puffy 3d makes them even cuter.

I remembered that for the past 2 years whilst being at Butlins we have seen Titan, the robot (awesome - google him if your unsure), and i got thinking about what i could create.

The mind wandered................... for a few minutes when i decided i would make a robot mini book.

Why, when i have so many other projects to complete???
I slept on the idea, in the hope that my delivery of paper would arrive today but unfortunately it never.

I couldn't resist any longer and i had to get to work on him..............
As you can see from the photo's, it is a slow process starting from scratch, but all the more rewarding.

Step 1: Draw robot..........
Step 2: Enlarge drawing.
Had to enlarge the pieces individually, but the arms and legs i left the same, to keep it easier and plus to fit him onto 12 x 12 paper.

Step 3: Draw template on Chipboard

Step 4: Final shape

I am now in the process of painting covering him but whilst sat here i have just thought whether or not i should use tin foil to cover him? Would it work? Something to sleep on i guess as i don't have any in the house.

Has anybody ever used tin foil before on altered projects/LO's/ etc, does it work?

So now i have started him you can guarantee my delivery of yummy papers will arrive tomorrow and i will be in 2 minds whether to finish him first or go back to the pumpkin project................... decisions decisions.

I will let you all know who wins..............................

As ever thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and leave comments - greatly appreciated

Take care



Monday, 31 August 2009

A new Crop

Well yesterday saw the beginning of a new crop very local to me, literally a 2 minute walk. How awesome is that - i feel lucky to have this upon my door step.

I never knew anybody going, but thought as this would be the first one everybody would be in the same situation. It turned out to be a really good day, the host Clair was really lovely. There were a few faces i recognised from UKS, which was nice.

The day passed by very quickly, don't they always when your having fun! I managed to complete one LO, which i am quite pleased with. I used a Pencil Line sketch from a few weeks ago.

I don't normally use sketches so it was nice to just sit back relax, enjoy the day and scrap without having to get frustrated at shuffling for hours and hours.

I used this months kit from Cleo Crafts , which consisted of My Mind Eye Pretty Please collection. I do however need to add a title which will read "butterfly dreams"but am awaiting a delivery of some Thickers to finish it of, fingers crossed it may be tomorrow.

A close up shot...............

So now hoping the 20th September zooms round for the next crop.

Today as it's Bank Holiday Monday we were hoping to go out for the day, but the weather this morning looked like a winters day - dreadful. They had predicted it would be 25, so we were a little disappointed.

I needed to go to hobby craft to collect some more double sided tape, so it turned into a family outing. I could not believe how busy it was. I managed to collect a couple of bits that i needed. Another polystyrene ball, for the just in case moment - trying to be prepared for every eventuality (lol), knitting needles for another project that i need to get underway, and these really cute robot stickers. Not sure what i will use them for, but they just fell in the basket!!!

Whilst there i saw little tote bags for taking to crops and retreats. One of the ladies at the new crop had a Paper Mania polka dot lime green tote and i loved it, not only for the colour but the fact it had a zip closure. I don't like the normal open totes which is why i haven't bought one before and plus as i never went to a every month crop there really wasn't any need.

They had a nice black polka dot one, the last, but no price!!! I walked a way and left it, couldn't be bothered to ask anybody for the price, but when i wasn't looking Tim picked it up and put it in the basket............................... i was smiling from ear to ear. I now can't wait for the crop to come round, will make life sooo much easier for me as to transporting my bits and pieces

I love it and have been told they do matching wheelie totes for paper!! Maybe a Christmas present (lol).

My new tote................

So i have had a lovely weekend, lots of crafting involved.
My children also go back to school on Thursday so looking forward to a few hours peace although the little one is only doing half days for 2 weeks as an induction period - but hope to get a few things done.

Hope you've all enjoyed your Bank Holiday Weekend and as always thanks for stopping by.

Take care

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Oh dear................

I didn't keep to my word, another 2 weeks have passed since i last blogged, so much for the daily updates. I'm just not getting a chance at the moment, you know how it is - you think you have 5 minutes and before long you have spent an hour surfing the web and catching up when the children politely remind you they are on school holidays and want to do something fun............. but not for much longer as my kids go back next Thursday. The school holidays have gone quickly if i am honest but am so ready for them to go back.

My youngest starts school also - i can already feel my heart strings pulling, i am determined not to get upset, just hope it goes ok for him.

Anyway, back to crafting.................

I have been busy with various bits and pieces the last few weeks as the photo of my desk clearly shows. Sorry a bit late for WOYWW, but guessing 1 day is ok.

Have finished a CJ entry which was a fab subject, favourite music. Can't show as i believe the recipient reads my blog.

My pumpkin project is making progress albeit slow. I have managed to almost complete the baby pumpkin, and it has turned out better than planned. Unfortunately am still waiting for any sponsors to receive the Pink Paislee line.......................... My next step is to start covering the large polystyrene ball, will hopefully have some photo's in my next post.

So as we are almost at the end of August another kit is winging its way to the Cleo Craft subbies........... This months kit was beautiful, in fact one of my all time favourite manufacturers, My Minds Eye.

The papers are from the Pretty Please collection, lovely soft colours with a variety of styles enhancing the creativeness of them.

This month i have produced 2 LO's, both very different (if i am honest i have enough for another LO, which i will share as soon as i have finished).

The first one is a LO using a method i have never tried before, tea staining.
I quite like the overall look it's given, so will be doing this technique again in the future.

Materials used:

My Minds Eye – pretty please, Pink Floral
My Minds Eye – Pretty please, Flower drops
Blue Card stock
Flora Doodles – Tyed-dyed Gypsies
Tim Holtz Journaling tag
Pink Paislee pixee stix glitter - Blueberry
Pink Paislee black rub ons
Basic Grey middle set undressed chipboard words.
Making Memories black tiny alpha’s
Adorn it – Mini Alpha’s
Blue heart pin
Blue DMC Floss

The tea staining is really very simple and straight forward.

I watered down a tea bag in cold water and just dipped the flowers and paper in the water, drying after each time. I repeated this several times until i got the aged look i desired. I also used the tea bag to get a darker stained effect whilst crushing and tearing the paper slightly.

I was pleased with the final result. As you can see here the flowers have a slight shade to them.

My second LO i produced is very different, clean simple lines and a minimal look.

These photo's hold some very good memories so really wanted the photo's to be the main focal point. Instead of having a large title i decided to use a Tim Holtz tag with a glittered frame to enhance.

The scalloped Kraft stock edge has been put through a crimpler gadget (i haven't a clue what the proper name is) but it makes paper look like cake cases. I found it in my local craft shop last year and bought on impulse, but to be honest it is becoming one of my favourite tools.

Materials used:

My Minds Eye – pretty please, Cheery Flowers (both sides)
Kraft Card stock
White Card stock
Maya Road scalloped frame
Tim Holts Tag
Clear Glitter

I hope you have enjoyed seeing my work and i promise i really won't leave it another 2 weeks before i post again. Hopefully next time i will have an update on my harvest project.

Have a lovely bank holiday weekend, hopefully the sun will be shining for us all

Take care



Wednesday, 12 August 2009

My new project!!

As if i haven't got enough to do, i am starting a new project......................for Harvest!, but i am giving myself plenty of time to do this as i am hoping it will turn out how i vision it to look!.

I can't really do to much as the line of paper i want to use hasn't even hit any stores in the UK i don't think. I am after the entire collection from Pink Paislee, Amber Road (Twilight might also fall into the basket aswell). I think these are probably my favourite collections to be released this summer from CHA.

So if any of you hear of it in any stores, please please let me know (LOL).

My project will consist of 2 polystyrene balls and a PG tips box - bizarre i know - just trying to make things that do not have to cost an earth, OK the lush paper collection might be expensive but some craft related projects you can buy can cost a fortune and plus if they are handmade they have more sentiment and are obviously unique.

I had a quick trip to Hobby Craft yesterday, i really wasn't impressed and what i did fancy was so expensive, much more than any sponsor - so i was very good and resisted.

Whilst there though i did find this paper which is perfect for my pumpkins. Have done a little tester today and so far so good - so i will have to take another little trip to collect some more.

Of course had to collect the latest Scrapbook Trends as well, plus this photo is actually minus the chocolate bar too!!

In Other scrapping news.......................

I have finished my first LO for the September kit for Cleo Crafts, sorry can't show until end of the month. But here for the subbies is a wee sneak (lol)

Not giving much away am i!!!

Now as it Wednesday, on the UKS Blog forum they have had WOYWW. I never had any idea what this meant until a few weeks ago, so today for the very first time, i thought i would play along. My desk is abit of a mess at the moment, what with various projects on the go. If you look closely you can see the beginning of my little pumpkin....................

So my desk..........
So think that is all from me for now - hope to be back soon.
Its dinner time again - back to the kitchen i go (lol)

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog
Take care

Monday, 3 August 2009

Day in London

So last week was filled with lots of fun.

Thursday we decided to take the kids up to London to see some of the more famous sites instead of another trip to a theme park. The day started early, but it meant we were all eager to get going.

We got the first train after the rush hour (much cheaper) and we hit London just before 10am. It was already very busy. Waterloo Stn has changed so much since i last travelled there some 13 years ago, the Euro star terminal is now a derelict building - it really isn't a journey i miss.

Our first stop was the London eye! This really has become one of London's major tourist attractions. It was busy.

Now because i don't favour heights i peacefully watched the family go around in their pod for half an hour laden with camera of course so i could get a glimpse of London from a birds eye view.

It looks amazing from up above - but i guess the photo's will have to do.

We then walked over Westminster Bridge to view the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, unfortunately the kids seemed more interested in the amount of police guarding than the building and wanted to know why they had guns!! For them, it will be the world they live in. Security is alot more intense than when i use to visit London, its a shame we have to live like this now. A quick photo stop for me and we moved onwards.

Just our luck the heavens opened up...................................... we took shelter under a building site, opportunity for a quick rest. It was quite funny watching the open top buses driving past, glad we didn't go on one of those (lol)!

We stopped quickly at Horse Guards parade for a photo shoot - couldn't really get any decent pictures for the crowds, but it was another landmark marked on the map.

It was finally lunchtime, but also with a few thousand other tourist, so we made do with a good old Big Mac and chips.

So now the afternoon adventures begun.

First stop was Trafalgar square - oh my it was swamped, literally and that's without the pigeons which were still pretty much present. We didn't stop long as it did start to rain - so time to run for shelter!! Rain soon drifted over - so we walked through St James park up to Buckingham Palace, we fed the swans, ducks and i even got to feed a squirrel!! in the middle of London.

So we finally got to see the Queen!! She was in residence as well. The kids thought they were going to meet her when we told them we would walk to the palace, think Hannah was slightly disappointed.

We stopped for awhile and admired the sites and crowds, love a bit of people watching before jumping in a taxi to Leicester Square.

We made headway for the best ice-cream place in England - Haagen-Dazs!! Complete Heaven. Tim took me here when we first started seeing each other, some 16 years ago and ever since i have wanted to go back. It still lived up to its name. It was delicious - expensive mind you, but as it was my birthday - it was a treat for the whole family!!

Now our belly's were full, we had time on our hands before we caught the train home - didn't want to be caught in the rush hour, so we walked round China town, where Hannah managed to get a few Panda stickers to add to her collection of Panda paraphernalia, this girl is obsessed!!. It was starting to get busy and by now those feet were starting to throb, but the kids still wanted to stay out, so we ended up no better than the biggest toy shop in the world! Hamleys...............

Tim's nightmare (lol).

This shop to me brings back child hood memories especially at Christmas time. I visited a few times and just remember thinking wow!!! Unfortunately now, i think it has lost its magical aspect - changed so much, just seems like any other ordinary toy shop to me now - but the kids enjoyed it and got a little something.

It was finally time to head back home, another short taxi ride back up to Waterloo Stn to catch our train home.
I think the kids had an enjoyable day, i know i did, it was really nice to spend it together as a family without any computers or mobiles phone, something we need to do alot more. Got lots of photos, all the more for scrapping.
Am hoping to make a mini book of our adventure - only number 888 on my project list, but one day it will be completed.
On the scrapping front...................
I received the first Circle Journal today from Terri Ann, it's really lovely.
Very apt subject for me right now, Favourite music!! Has to be Michael Jackson. Still awaiting my souvenir ticket as i had tickets for the latest tour which was never meant to be.
I am now almost finished my first LO for this months Cleo craft monthly project - have had fun with this one. A tea bag has come in very handy today, all will be revealed at the end of the month. I have another LO lined up to be completed, so do keep watch for some sneaky peaks.
I am also on an adventure for Harvest time. I am in the process of making an altered art project with 2 polystyrene balls and a PG Tip box.................................... all will be revealed shortly.
So lots happening right now and it's not easy with the kiddies being home - but only 3 more weeks to go until back at school.
Hope your all having a lovely summer and once again, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and leave messages.
Take care

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

June LO's

So, i bet your thinking - June LO's - doesn't she mean July?
No. See i never blogged for nearly 2 months, what with one thing and another and i haven't uploaded any of the work i managed to complete, so as my previous post explained - i will hopefully try and catch up as and when i can and since the kids are now happily eating lunch i will grab 5 minutes to show you the LO's i done.

First up is the LO i produced with the July Cleo Craft kit, but of course i got the kit a month earlier. It was a range of papers from Basic Grey, Lime Rickey collection. On first appearance i was a little worried as i am not usually a bright and bold person - so it did take me a while to think about what to do.

After a few hours searching i found this photo of Liam when he was much younger with his new bike, i believe he was about 4. As the photo's had the same colours it was a perfect match, i got to work and i was very surprised at how quickly the LO actually came together.

I have kept it fairly simple so not to try and detract attention from the photo. Decided to do a little stitching and just added some orange puffy Thickers and that was my LO finished.

My next LO i achieved was from my scrap box. This seems to be growing by the day. Because i scrap in the smaller size of 8.5x11in and always use card stock as my base layer i never ever get to use a whole sheet of 12 x 12 - so you can imagine how much left overs i have!

For this LO i pulled together a piece of Pink Paislee, Basic Grey and American Crafts - the colours matched quite well. The mermaid stamp is one i got over a year ago from the Bad Girl Kit club.

I turned the photo into black and white to match the papers - i love the peacefulness of this photo, it's actually Hannah day dreaming in the sea in Galveston, TX. I added a bit of stitching to this LO too, not something i venture into doing much - but i like the effect it has given, added some making memories shimmer letters and bling gems.

So there you go 2 very different LO's, although enjoyed making both of them.

So we are now 1 week into the summer holidays and the children are bored. The typical summer weather really isn't helping and somebody at work told me this weather was here to stay :0(.................................. so much for picnics and beach days!!

Tomorrow we are hopefully going to London for the day, The kids want to see the sights of London, Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge and a few more - how much we do is dependant on the weather. I really hope it stays dry.
I am of course armed ready with my camera ready to hopefully get some good snaps. What ever we do - i am sure it will be a fun day.

Will be back soon - with an update and photo's of our day out hopefully.
Take care


Monday, 27 July 2009

It's reveal day

So reveal day is finally here and i can at long last show you my project i created with this months kit from Cleo Crafts.

This kit for me was awesome, i loved the colours, content and the versatility of the papers which helped me decide what i would make.

At the moment i seem to be making a few little books, don't think i have actually done a LO for awhile!

I decided to alter the K&CO letter box (from the many that i hoard) and make a little book to fit inside. I am rather pleasd with the final outcome and think i may make some more!!

So here are all the photo's, sorry that there are so many.

Products used are:

Cosmo Cricket:
Carbonation, Beach Towel and Snorkel Boarders
Blooms, Gems and chipboard from own stash

Hope you like my project.

Have a lovely day and take care