Monday, 3 August 2009

Day in London

So last week was filled with lots of fun.

Thursday we decided to take the kids up to London to see some of the more famous sites instead of another trip to a theme park. The day started early, but it meant we were all eager to get going.

We got the first train after the rush hour (much cheaper) and we hit London just before 10am. It was already very busy. Waterloo Stn has changed so much since i last travelled there some 13 years ago, the Euro star terminal is now a derelict building - it really isn't a journey i miss.

Our first stop was the London eye! This really has become one of London's major tourist attractions. It was busy.

Now because i don't favour heights i peacefully watched the family go around in their pod for half an hour laden with camera of course so i could get a glimpse of London from a birds eye view.

It looks amazing from up above - but i guess the photo's will have to do.

We then walked over Westminster Bridge to view the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, unfortunately the kids seemed more interested in the amount of police guarding than the building and wanted to know why they had guns!! For them, it will be the world they live in. Security is alot more intense than when i use to visit London, its a shame we have to live like this now. A quick photo stop for me and we moved onwards.

Just our luck the heavens opened up...................................... we took shelter under a building site, opportunity for a quick rest. It was quite funny watching the open top buses driving past, glad we didn't go on one of those (lol)!

We stopped quickly at Horse Guards parade for a photo shoot - couldn't really get any decent pictures for the crowds, but it was another landmark marked on the map.

It was finally lunchtime, but also with a few thousand other tourist, so we made do with a good old Big Mac and chips.

So now the afternoon adventures begun.

First stop was Trafalgar square - oh my it was swamped, literally and that's without the pigeons which were still pretty much present. We didn't stop long as it did start to rain - so time to run for shelter!! Rain soon drifted over - so we walked through St James park up to Buckingham Palace, we fed the swans, ducks and i even got to feed a squirrel!! in the middle of London.

So we finally got to see the Queen!! She was in residence as well. The kids thought they were going to meet her when we told them we would walk to the palace, think Hannah was slightly disappointed.

We stopped for awhile and admired the sites and crowds, love a bit of people watching before jumping in a taxi to Leicester Square.

We made headway for the best ice-cream place in England - Haagen-Dazs!! Complete Heaven. Tim took me here when we first started seeing each other, some 16 years ago and ever since i have wanted to go back. It still lived up to its name. It was delicious - expensive mind you, but as it was my birthday - it was a treat for the whole family!!

Now our belly's were full, we had time on our hands before we caught the train home - didn't want to be caught in the rush hour, so we walked round China town, where Hannah managed to get a few Panda stickers to add to her collection of Panda paraphernalia, this girl is obsessed!!. It was starting to get busy and by now those feet were starting to throb, but the kids still wanted to stay out, so we ended up no better than the biggest toy shop in the world! Hamleys...............

Tim's nightmare (lol).

This shop to me brings back child hood memories especially at Christmas time. I visited a few times and just remember thinking wow!!! Unfortunately now, i think it has lost its magical aspect - changed so much, just seems like any other ordinary toy shop to me now - but the kids enjoyed it and got a little something.

It was finally time to head back home, another short taxi ride back up to Waterloo Stn to catch our train home.
I think the kids had an enjoyable day, i know i did, it was really nice to spend it together as a family without any computers or mobiles phone, something we need to do alot more. Got lots of photos, all the more for scrapping.
Am hoping to make a mini book of our adventure - only number 888 on my project list, but one day it will be completed.
On the scrapping front...................
I received the first Circle Journal today from Terri Ann, it's really lovely.
Very apt subject for me right now, Favourite music!! Has to be Michael Jackson. Still awaiting my souvenir ticket as i had tickets for the latest tour which was never meant to be.
I am now almost finished my first LO for this months Cleo craft monthly project - have had fun with this one. A tea bag has come in very handy today, all will be revealed at the end of the month. I have another LO lined up to be completed, so do keep watch for some sneaky peaks.
I am also on an adventure for Harvest time. I am in the process of making an altered art project with 2 polystyrene balls and a PG Tip box.................................... all will be revealed shortly.
So lots happening right now and it's not easy with the kiddies being home - but only 3 more weeks to go until back at school.
Hope your all having a lovely summer and once again, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read and leave messages.
Take care


Julia Dunnit said...

Whew! Am exhausted by all your touring! I've given up mini books of each day trip..and callously just make pages with at least 2 pics on. Which is why my project list is oooh, about 3 or 4 projects shorter than yours!

Carmen said...

My daughter told me not long ago that when she went to stay for a few days with her Nan she took her on the London Eye. She was really dissapointed because she thought it would go as fast as a ferris wheel! LOL! Can you imagine all the tourists being thrown all over the place! :P

I'm intrigued by your PG Tips box! Can't wait to see what that will be.

Anne said...

Wow - you have been busy!

I once was on an open topped sightseeing bus (in Dublin rather than London) in the pouring rain. To make matters worse, it had been a late night out the previous night, so you can imagine it was a pretty miserable experience! Ah the memories!

Kerry said...

Gorgeous pictures. My son went on the London Eye with school a few weeks ago. His pictures are nothing in comparison. You have one talented photographer there.

Chell xx said...

Wow a real busy day, but it looked like a lot of fun... I feel a mini album coming on with all the lovely picture's you have.... (sorry it's a mini album thing I have going on at the mo)....

Debsg said...

I have very similar pictures (ok, not the dog!) taken on the very same day last week! We got saoked through in the evening! I braved the London Eye, although didn't move much.