Friday, 22 August 2008

Whats Happened!!!!

Earlier in the week i had plenty of projects on the go - really enthusiastic about each and all of them, 2 mini books to finish, my little flower pot project and many LO's spinning around my mind - my fingers just could not work as fast as my mind was ticking.
Today - well, what has happened. I have come to my scrap room and tidied the entire lot away - in bags - not interested in them one bit!!!!!!! Where has my mojo gone - i hope it's just having a short break................................. it needs to come back FAST.

So tonight, with the final arrival of my August Bad Girl kit (which i will photo tomorrow), lovely as ever i might add - i am hoping to be creative over the weekend.

I have been doing some blog/web surfing tonight to see if i could find my creative mind and i think i may have found something. I have never used a Pencil Line sketch before - but so many scrappers do and they all make fantastic LO's - so i am hoping to tackle PL84.

I have found some photo's a friend gave to us when we lived back in Holland of when were just 4!

Lets hope i can do something good!!!

Anyway i hope you all have lovely weekends - and yes it's a Bank Holiday too!!!!!! Extra scrapping day.

Take care