Friday, 2 April 2010

Wedding card and weekend away

Easter has been and gone, i can't quite believe it to be honest, went by in a flash.
Unfortunately ours was cut short as my youngest Son and Mum became poorly. I think they both have the same and as i have just returned from the Dr's i can say it's just a nasty virus doing the rounds, but Sam had us worried for a few days, especially on Sunday when he was covered in a rash.
Lots of Calpol, Nurofen and cuddles been given at present and now just hoping for a speedy recovery.

On Saturday Mum and i booked to go see this

It was a good show, although i never realised it was entirely performed with singing, i found it a bit much. The leading lady was absolutely brilliant though, what an amazing voice. The costumes and set were so authentic, i have never heard such a quiet audience, we were all very much captivated. Think the next show on the agenda is "The Full Monty", should be a good laugh.

Whilst down at my Mum's in Kent i did find an opportunity to spare a few seconds in the local Paperchase, as one does. Managed to pick up some cute little stickers, was hoping for more, but wasn't to keen on the new lines. Am hoping to use these in a few LO's should my scrapping mojo return.

To help me find my mojo i have ordered a lovely kit from Cleo Crafts, it's winging it's way to me as i type, so might have a lovely box of pizza goodies tomorrow. I was hoping to get to Alexander Palace this weekend, but unfortunately it won't be happening now, so treated myself to a little stash, might purchase a couple more stamps also, although i haven't used the ones i already have. Actually fancy a Magnolia or 2!!!

Before the kids finished school last week, i made DS2 teacher a wedding card that i have not shared with you yet. This was a last minute dash to get finished for one reason or another. I used a C.C Design stamp, Sugar Plum Bride Emma, love these little images such fun to colour. I kept the image very simple, just highlighting parts of the dress and colouring the flowers to the expected colour scheme of the wedding. Added some sparkle to the head dress and bouquet.

I hope she liked it.

I am hoping to get some cards/scrapping done within the next few days, have seen a card sketch i would like to have a go at, and think i have the perfect stamp and paper.

Never know you may also get to see a LO, if my mojo resurfaces when the pizza box arrives, now that will be a miracle in the making.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter, and got many lovely chocolate eggs.

Take care


secret scrapbooker said...

Another gorgeous card Sarah :0) Im sure she will love it. xx

Sandra said...

What a beautiful card. Hope the family are on the mend soon - having suffered from chicken pox over Easter myself this year, they have my sympathies.

airing cupboard crafts said...

Hope you all get better soon, we all had it last week :-( sending hugs xx

Card looks fab xx

Glen said...

LOL...I remember going to see Evita many years ago when Elaine Paige was in it....I'm laughing....I fell asleep during the performance! It wasn't my thing. I'm sorry you can't make it to Ally Pally. It would have been nice to meet lots of peeps who I have met here. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving lovely comments. ~Glen~

my5bratz said...

LOVE that image, gorgeous card :0)