Thursday, 25 September 2008

So, the month of

September has almost passed us by with a flash - were did it go.
Here we are preparing for the upcoming festivities of Harvest and Halloween. I truly love this time of year - has a special air about it, colour changes in the trees, beginning of a new academic year - nights in front of the fires (if we had one at least) but you get the picture.

So what has this month brought us?
Liam and Hannah starting their new school year. Liam now in yr 8 and Hannah in Yr 1. Sam has started pre-school 3 times a week. I was really worried about my little guy, having never been lefted before - but he has been a real star, i couldn't be happier. He loves it like no one can believe. I think the teachers were a little worried about his start day, but he amazed us all.

Liam had his first Karate exam and passed with flying colours. He is now the proud owner of a yellow belt. We are pleased he has kept this up as it will help build his confidence and hopefully be useful if needed later on in life ( i hope he would never have to use it) although it will help him for his future dream career - A Traffic cop!!!!

Liam with his Karate Certificate.

Apart from the normal day to day things - a lot has happened.

As for scrapping - i have completed 2 LO's - which i have just discovered i have not photographed and since the sky is black i will wait to see if we have a bit of sunshine.

I went to the Yately crop last week for the 2nd time - but to be honest i am in the process of thinking about starting my own crop here in Surrey Heath. I have made the necessary phone call to the local Village hall who can give me a suitable time and date - but i need to make sure it will be worth while. I am in the process of thinking up a name - this seems to be the hardest part. I will let you know if all goes ahead, keep those fingers and toes crossed.

I have also had a very interesting email this morning to which i can't say anything about - but i am a bit shocked. Its all good!!!!! (I'll let you think about that one).

We went for our first Autumn walk last weekend and of course the children experienced for the first time - collecting conkers. The weather was beautiful, so had to make the most of it. We had such a lovely day and of course i was really happy to get some lovely photo's of the children (Liam did not want to join us), so here i will share a few. The one of Hannah i just love.

I will be scrapping some of these photos for our team Weekly challenge on UKS - So be sure to pop along and join in the fun.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you have a great weekend




Amanda said...

Fab photos of the kids sarah love the one of hannah behind the tree and well done to liam he looks so grown up

mandijane said...

sounds like you've had a busy month and oooooh interesting emails are always a bright point of any day ;)

~Nancy~ said...

Love all the pictures of the kiddos!!!! Sounds like you've had a busy time. Have a great Monday! XOXO