Thursday, 4 September 2008

I'm back!!!!

Well I'm back - just about (lol).
First day back at school - all went quite well. Hannah was a little upset at the thought of a new teacher and class room, but she done great and had a big beaming smile when i collected her - that's what matters. I know she will be fine, has a lovely teacher again and the school is just fab - small and friendly. Liam has had a good day also - his new teacher rocks apparently, he has been chosen to be class rep this year which is awesome - really proud of him. Considering the troubles he had last year he has held his head up high and carried on - well done!!! But i sure do have some tired children on my hands tonight - guess it's an early night.

Tim has gone out for the evening all suited and booted. He is attending an Awards Ceremony on behalf of secamb (South East Coast Ambulance Service) as a First Responder. Not sure if he is in the pipeline for an award - but well done. For those of you that are unaware he works voluntarily for the Ambulance service serving the local community to life threatening calls. You can keep up to date with his blog at http://www.999responder.blogspot.com/

So i have finally found some time to update my blog and load my latest 2 LO's which have been on my table for a few days now. As posted previously i had a few days without any mojo so went blog surfing - like i do, it's a fascinating world out there and i decided to attempt Pencil Line sketch 84 - i actually really enjoyed it. I choose some photo's that were given to us by some friends when they stayed with us - but they were not very good - probably because our friend had a little to much to drink - but i liked them as they captured us when we were a family of 4. I chopped, re sized and they worked perfectly for this LO.

My 2ND Lo is a scrap lift from a blog i visit often - http://www.zarischka2.blogspot.com/ - check it out - some amazing lo's there!!! I had a beautiful photo of Hannah that i wanted to scrap so took the opportunity to use it. I used pp from the Delaney Noteworthy range and a few pieces of my own stash and i think it has come together well. (just so you know - i had permission to scrap lift and put on my blog (lol)!!)

So my peace and quiet has gone - i currently have a daughter singing down my ear - Calliou of all things - have you ever heard this song - it is so sweet.

I do have another LO to share with you but i need to photograph and load - i have managed to do the Pencil Line sketch 100!! Hopefully share with you tomorrow.

Have a great night and will speak with you soon




Zarah said...

Both LOVELY! Your lift is WAY better than my original!!
Thanks for sharing! :D

secret scrapbooker said...

Wow you have been busy, lovely work. ;0)