Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Scarlett Fever and Snow!

Strange title i know - but this has been the adventures so far this week.

As i mentioned in my previous post Hannah had not been well. Sunday afternoon she was not a well baby and i was growing rapidly concerned about her when i finally decided to call the weekend Dr for advise. I got such a good service - within the time of my first call to the point of actually seeing a DR was just a little over an hour. I could not of been happier.
They had confirmed that she was probably suffering from a bad bladder infection which was why she had so much pain - i was totally relieved.
Sunday evening was bad - very high temperature, sickness, tears - awful. Tim and I took it in turns to stay with her the night for comfort in the hope first dose of medicine and some sleep would do her the world of good.
Monday morning arrived - and she was covered in a rash from chest to hips!!! I was quietly concerned but Tim wasn't. During the day i kept checking - it wasn't going. I began to think maybe she was having an allergic reaction to the medicine, i then googled - bad idea, don't Dr's always tell you not to google health problems - i can see why. Well after reading the side effects, mummy began to panic.
I called the local DR, who for the second time called me back within minutes and got me an appointment immediately. Seeing the DR was a relief - but he was confused!!!!
It turns out that Hannah indeed doesn't have a bladder infection but in fact Scarlett Fever for a 2ND time this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's only because she never had the strawberry tongue that i never realised, but hey bingo - Tuesday morning, she looked like a strawberry.
I am so pleased i took her back to the Dr's -- something was telling me things were not right. I can gladly say though that the medicine is starting to work and she is slowly recovering. When she had this back in Easter it was almost a 3 week recovery!

Hannah resting.

Last night saw our first snow of the year, bizarre, to only think we were wearing shorts and t-shirts a few weeks ago. We had a fair amount fall and settle, to only find complete ice this morning - the kids were so happy!!! Such a shame it couldn't wait a couple of months, we could of had a white Christmas.

Tried to get some photo's - but just to dark and cold!!! This was the best.

Hope the weather is not to bad where you all are.

I will be back before i go away Friday with some LO's to share.

Keep warm and take care