Friday, 24 October 2008


Thank God It's Friday!

Well what a week - flown by but with so much happening, the normal day to day routines, coffee mornings (an IQ Party), Character dress up day, sickness - we couldn't pass a week without one of us being ill - but hey we got through it and now the kids are on half term and hopefully all sniffles, coughs temperatures can be eliminated from their bodies ready for a fresh start back at school in a weeks time.

I have so many things i would like to share with you right now but instead of over loading my blog i will take it one step at a time and pace it out.

I have been productive and finished a LO today (shock horror i hear you say) - i am thinking this is my best so far - am i allowed to say this!!!!!, i am just so happy with it - it's a picture of dad and i, when i was waaayy younger (yes nice hairstyles, no idea what my parents were thinking) - it just came together, really not requiring to much shuffling - now that's a true miracle in the making! Pictures of my dad are like gold dust to me now after loosing him suddenly last year - so probably another reason this LO rocks for me. Unfortunately because the nights are drawing darker quickly now i have been unable to photograph it - so i will have to upload in the morning - guess it gives you all another reason to pop back!!!!! (lol)

But on another note - i am almost closer to the big reveal of my LO i produced for Cleo Crafts - The kits are being shipped Tuesday!!!!. So i am going to give a few final sneakies - to wet those taste buds.......................

here goes

Don't those colours look awesome.

So i hope to be back tomorrow with some more things to share - so bid you all a fantastic Friday
Take care


Cleo Crafts said...

oooh looking good Sarah.... glad everyone is over their sniffles in time for the weekend!

mandijane said...

looking forward to your reveal :)