Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Time for an update!

So, my last blog entry was Halloween and now i am sitting here counting down the days to Christmas - where did the month of November go!!!

It passed by with sick children - i hate to think how many times my car has visited the Dr's Surgery in the last few weeks - i swear the receptionist think i am an over reacting parent, but alas far from it.
Here in freezing England we have so many viruses, colds doing the rounds it's only expected that some one would be sick - but believe it or not for the entire last 5 weeks i have had a sick child at home and still the saga continues.

We have had coughs, colds, chest infections, upset tummy's and now the latest is Hannah's Scarlett Fever has returned!!!! We are waiting for test results from the Dr's to see if we need to change her course of treatment as it looks like she never recovered from the last episode back in October, but keeping fingers crossed we will be fit and healthy for Christmas.

As i haven't really had much 'me' time - creating/scrap booking has been extremely limited and of course like so many others at the moment i am also trying to get organised for Christmas.

I have plenty of projects on the go and am planning on doing a few things before Christmas as pressies - but i need more time. I have started the Journal your Christmas project and am still yet to start, although the front cover is all decorated and pages are cut - i just need to crack on!!!!!

Last night though i seemed to find some inspiration at 10.30pm and started to chop up paper, card and i came up with these placement cards for our Christmas dinner table. I like the final outcome although i am sure i can improve on them - DH even said they were nice!!!!

I have spent ages trawling web sites for matching table ware that is within a reasonable price range and of course i need 8 of everything, and i just gave up. I thought i have all these beautiful Christmas papers sitting in front of me just waiting to be used and for some strange reason Hannah is collecting toilet/kitchen rolls and piling them in my room (a future scrapper i see in the making - lol), so just had to be creative. I really enjoyed making these and i have a plan to make a little matching Christmas Tree too!!! Hopefully tomorrow after work :0).

Really simple to make - basically just cut a toilet/kitchen roll in half length ways - cover in paper and embellish. I did make a matching napkin/cutlery ring this afternoon in exactly the same way - at least it is all co-ordinating and but no least - home made and individual.

Now all i need to do is trawl the Internet for a olive/army green table cloth - aarrgghhh!!!!!

My creations...............................

Sorry for the poor quality photo's but light wasn't very good!!!
So this is all i have managed in the last few days - not very good, but hopefully December will bring more creativity.

Thanks for all stopping by, take care.



voodoo vixen said...

Sorry to hear about all the sick little people, hopefully they will all be back on form for Christmas!
Love the table cards, they look gorgeous! I made my own serviette rings too - looks great... and you should just go to the material shop and by a couple of meters of plain cloth and hem the two ends... much cheaper and you get a better range of colours! ;)

cantstopstampin said...

love it Sarah, brilliant.

HOPE you are all well for Christmas tho.

SABEE said...

These are gorgeous... hope you get better soon...

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea, one i might try myself soon if you don't mind?

I agree with annette your material shop will be your best bet or even ebay.

Hope you all get well for christmas

Cleo Crafts said...

Hi Sarah,
gorgeous table cards - lets hope your sicknesses are all clearing up! its no fun when munchkins get sick... we are doing our best to avoid colds and tummy bugs over here too... louise xx

Amanda said...

Those are cute sarah hope everyone is getting better now