Wednesday, 28 April 2010


I've remembered to join in, Yeah!! I can never believe how fast Wednesdays come around.

So, this is my second time of playing along with WOYWW, and what can i share with you all today, a messy desk for starters, lol.

Last time i joined in, which i think was 2 weeks ago i got alot of messages saying my desk was just far to tidy, so i am hoping my desk today is somewhat more pleasing, unfortunately not to my DH eye, but he clearly doesn't understand a crafters mind, lol!!.

I am in the middle of making Birthday Invitations for my Daughter who's birthday is on Monday. I have been asking her for the last 5 months literally what she wanted to do, she will be 7. She has never had a set idea or theme until Sunday of this week!! Yes, can you feel my panic??

She has decided she would like a slumber party with 6 girl friends next week, so i am rushing like mad to get these invitations done, nothing quite leaving it until the last minute!!
They are very plain and simple, but hopefully unique. Have just 2 more to go, but it's also American Idol TV time now too, think this could be a late night!!!

So this coming week i have lots to do, and now in the form of crafting too. Need to look for idea's for the girls at the sleep over, might even get them to make a frame they can keep as they are all going to different schools come September, so might be nice as a keepsake - any idea's on what i could do would be greatly appreciated!!

Hope you've enjoyed a little insight into my room, might even show you the other side next week!!
Thank you for stopping by and take care


Glen said...

A messy desk is the owner of a creative mind Sarah! You obviously have a creative mind! *Ü* Don't ya just love boot fairs? There's another on Saturday but it looks like rain is forecast, so not sure if I will go. I can't afford to go every week - money wise nor space wise! I'm brimming with stuff and need to purge! Your idea of making a frame for your daughter and friends sounds good. Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog. TFS. ~Glen~

Helen said...

Love your daughter for giving you so much notice!! Hope we do see some more next week, take care

kelly said...

Well all i can say is the best of luck to you with the sleep over!!! I to have a daughter aged 8 and Oh i do not envy you that!!!!

The desk however looks busy and i would love to see your finished invitations and whatever you do with the girls, please blog for us all to see!!! :)

Sandra said...

oh my word, is it really Wednesday already?? goodness, such a creative desk, how wonderful - I can almost imagine that you could just sit down and start creating where you left off.

Sue said...

its only a mess to an uncrafty person, its work in progress to us, lol, have good nite, sue,x

Julia Dunnit said...

No Sarah, that'snot really messy - pick up the pens and it's pretty good togo again I'd say...no law agaisnt being tidy or messy though, so do it our way for sure! Can't enlarge, so tell me do - what are those colourful things in that tub?
Slumber party - the frame's a lovely idea - and how about a face pack and a pedicure!!

Jan said...

Looks like loads of fun!

Diana said...

What a cute blog! Love the design.
Your desk reminds me of mine, with all the stuff on it.
Thanks for the peek!

jude said...

Oh yes bit more of a mess than mine.but i have lost my mojo thats why mine tiday ,although when i cant create i tends to just try colouring images in ready for the return of my mojo

Hands to Work, Hearts to God said...

Hello from the Philippines! What pretty invites- I'm sure your daughter is delighted with them and will remember what her mother did for her!
:^) patsy

Wipso said...

What a busy desk I can see this week. Brill. Would have liked to be able to zoom in for a closer snoop but it wont do it :-(
Slumber party? What's that all about...I never remember mine doing a lot of slumbering :-) Happy birthday to your daughter for Monday and really hope they all have a great party.
A x

LadyBug said...

I don't think it's really very messy you're in the middle of crafting. I bet you tidied it all away when you finished didn't you??? :) any way love the desk space and hope the party goes well. are they all crafty girls?? how about a 12x12 folded minibook for photos of each other as a keepsake?

Mandy - Crafty Angel said...

wow a wonderful creative desk! cant wait to see your finished invites! best of luck with the sleepover!

have a wonderful week, hugs mandyxx

Penny aka Pennyk said...

That is not a messy work station Sarah but I guess it is for you as I have seen posts of it very tidy and in order. Hope the 'sleepover' goes well. Thank the lord Nadia is now of an age where she does her own thing and I dont have hoards of teenagers in the house.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Hooray...a lovely busy desk!! Invitations look great, I hope you get them finished!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Wow Sarah, you have a lot of things out to make those invitations.

Here's a stretch. Not sure what your daughter likes, but that frame sounds like a good idea. Here's a website where you can print out free paper dolls (not sure if 7 is too old for that sort of thing, since I only have a cat), but I thought if they all had head shots, you or they could color and add the clothes to the heads. The link is http://marilee.us/paperdolls.html

There are also lots of sites that offer ideas for games, etc. Hope the day (ERRR night) is fun for them and you. Thanks for letting me snoop on WOYWW. Sorry I'm so late getting around this week.

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Scrolled down to far and commented on previous post but it was worth is 'cos I wouldn't have seen the gorgeous card :)
Anne x

Angie said...

Thats a better desk LOL
I think your frame idea is great ...maybe you could take a photo of them together and do a copy for each of them to put in the frame later. I cant believe how quickley they grow up.... pass the parcel etc was my thing then and me and my friends were still having girly party's when we were 14....Ok dont rub it in ...THAT was a LONG time ago .

joey said...

Hi Sarah

Loved looking around your desk, lots happening which is always good :O)


Wendy said...

ha! looks like you are having fun!!! i am a tidy as you go scrapper so my desk is normally tidy!