Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Random news.......

So it's early on Tuesday morning and i have already been up for 3 hours - yes can you believe it, me up before the rest of the house, this is really quite unheard of.
The kids had a shock too - first thing they asked was - Is Daddy sick?
Unfortunately i just couldn't sleep - so thought it best to rise early in stead of just laying awake.

So my plans for the day have already changed - it should be a morning of mummy peace but unfortunately my little one is full of cold and not so sure Hannah should be at school, has developed a chesty cough, but has no temperature (at the moment) - so i have kept Sam home today.

I had planned to go to the local craft shop to see what delights i could find - but hey guess i am now saving pennies and will now make use of some of the mountain of unused stash i already have sitting in my room - too much to mention - thinking about it i might have a little clear out and see if i can find new homes for it.

Of course like so many other scrappers i am eagerly awaiting all the new lines from the CHA convention reaching our stores here in the UK, so need to save for them. I have seen a few new lines that i need, (lol) rather than want - 1 is the new line by October Afternoon, Cherry Hill - how awesome is this line

Have seen lots of embellishments that i quite like as well - from Prima, some beautiful flowers and the most delicate butterflies

So hopefully the goodies will be reaching the UK very soon.

On other news i was tagged by the lovely Vicki from confessions of a doll blog. This is quite a cool tag.
So here's how it works. You go to folder number 6 within your Photos on your computer and post the 6th photo in it.
So my 6th photo folder happens to be scanning i have done at my mums of various people and celebrations (there are hundreds i would love to scan - but don't always get the time) but my 6th photo is a picture of Dad, my older sister and myself - many many years ago. I am yet to scrap this - like so many, is sitting in a list of things to do. As many of you are aware i lost my Dad almost 2 years ago very suddenly to Cancer, so all photo's are now very precious.

My photo..................... sorry sister

Now i have to pass the tag onto another 5 people. I have chosen;

And lastly as we had a quiet weekend - as the next 3 weekend's we have parties to attend, Hannah decided to be creative with the Fimo Clay she received for Christmas form her Aunt.

Tim decided to follow the step by step instructions on how to make the cute teddy bear and Hannah used her own imagination and made a cute little cat to sit alongside Daddy's bear. I am totally in awe of both of their creations - they are amazing. Of course these had to be photographed.
Don't you think Hannah done well - she is only 5 after all, do i have a new Wallace and Grommet in the making (lol)............................................... she has now asked if i could buy her some more colours , and of course i will, i never mind spending pennies on things that get them to be creative rather than the normal DVDS, computer games etc etc or even chocolate and sweets.

So here they are Bear and cat................................ aren't they cute!!!!

So that's me for the time being - i do have some more news to share with you all when i can, it's a top secret at the moment - but fun.

Am also awaiting my new March kit from Cleo Crafts - time to start stalking my lovely postman again.

Have a lovely day and speak to you all soon

Take care



scrappyfairy said...

Cool tag! thanks!

~Vicki~ said...

yay i'm glad you played along, love that photo, it clearly has alot of memories attached to it so thanks for sharing!!!

angie said...

Thanks for the tag... will go look out my photo....

Jenny said...

Love the picture, and those October Afternoon PPs are seriously lush! x x

Rachael said...

Thanks for the tag Sarah xx Not been tagged before, bit of a blogging novice :)

Jazzy1972 said...

Awwwwww What a stunning effort from Hannah, only 5 and she did those models, you may well have a little artist on your hands. Love the old picture too, we have so many off those that I keep meaning to scrap.

kelly said...

love the photo haha!!! i have seen all primas stuff how lush is it all im in need of everything me thinks

~Nancy~ said...

OH wow.. these fimo Clay animals are so cute!!!! So sorry your little ones aren't feeling to good!! Hope they'll be betters oon!