Monday, 20 July 2009


Well hello all.

I thought it was about time i seriously started keeping this blog up to date - i mean whats the point in having one if i never write anything. Some people have asked if i am still alive, i sure am - but with one thing or another other things seem to prevent me from entering the blogging world.

Instead of recapturing the last few weeks i will just start from today and over the next few days work my way backwards with projects, LO's and such.

So what have i been up to this week?

Teachers presents!!! I have thankfully only had to make 2 this year. Instead of making all the helpers in both Sam and Hannah's class i have only made for their direct line teachers, 2 is alot more manageable than 9.

For Sam's teacher at playgroup, where he has just left i made a little 4x4 book with a couple of photos in it. I used the October Afternoon Fright Night collection. It turned out quite well, and more to the point it only took me 1 afternoon to make. His teacher 'loved' it, even making her tearful.

I can't quite believe he has left playgroup and now we are counting down the days to BIG school. He has had 2 induction afternoons with his new teacher at school and he 'LOVED' it. I have been a bit worried about him going, probably because he is my baby but Hannah will be at the same school to look out for him. It is unfortunately a very small school with only 6 classes, 2 per year so its not too daunting for him.

For Hannah's teacher i have been thrifty. I gave money towards the school collection but i always like to give a little something extra. I always feel that teachers must be sick to death of wine, chocolates and flowers so i have decided to alter something that she may like to use.
Hannah and i hit Asda's at the weekend and we came across this note book and pencil holder - now i think it is very drab looking (i forgot to photograph the note book, but was covered in the same paper) - so i have been busy covering it all in the mini kit i purchased from Cleo Crafts on the retreat earlier in the year. The papers are from Bo Bunny and are the Alissa collection. I adore these papers - i could use them on everything.

I am really happy with the final outcome, having never done anything like this before and more to the point Hannah is happy to give them to her which at the end of the day is all that matters.

As it is almost the end of July it will be time for me to reveal my latest work done with the Cleo Craft August kit in a couple of days. This has been an absolutely fantastic kit to work - so be sure to check back towards the end of the week when i should be able to reveal all.
So this is all i will leave you with for now - i have loads more to share, but will share as soon as possible.
Hope you are enjoying the holidays - mine finish tomorrow for a long 6 week break, but hopefully will leave plenty of scrapping time.
Take care


Cleo Crafts said...

wow sarah - i love the presents! You better update your 'bit about me' cos it says you are only scrapbooking a year and I am sure we have known you longer than that???!

Emilie said...

This mini book is gorgeous! and those presents are fab! hope we'll keep seeing more from you!

Linda Elbourne said...

That mini book is totally awesome!

Sally said...

i seriously love these they are FABULOUS!!!! xxxxx

Chell xx said...

The teacher gift's looked fab.
I made mini album's when my ickle one's left pre school and they do bring a tear don't they....

secret scrapbooker said...

sarah whats going on with your header its massive

Becky aka HyperHeavenly said...

Great gifts, you have done brilliant things to them, so neat and tidy too!

secret scrapbooker said...

Sarah ...blog is looking FANTASTIC

Anne said...

Lovely - those papers are beautiful.