Thursday, 5 June 2008

The sun is shining!!!!

Horaay the sun is shining again after what seems never ending rain - although i think the rain is back again for the weekend.
So we have had a busy week - with nothing special.
Liam and Hannah were on half term last week which meant a few play dates with friends - which was nice, and now they are both back at school and normality reigns again.
I am off out tomorrow night with a few girls from Hannah's school which will be nice - Mexican dinner - yum yum!!!!!! but nothing compares to a proper Mexican meal in TX!!!

Hannah has had another ear infection this week - yet again we sit in the doctors surgery, i think they know me by forename there now.......................... i do get the look when i arrive.

On the scrapping front - nothing to show at the minute - i am currently working on a book which is taking longer than expected - but hopefully will be worth it. I had to go out and buy a few pieces at the weekend, sandpaper and string!!! there that will get you wondering.......................

Hopefully be back at the wekend with an update and a few piccies as it's Liam 12th birthday on saturday - where has time gone!!!
Anyway hope your all well and will be back soon

Take care