Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A whole week and

no blogging!!!
Well that is not a very good start by any means but i do have reasons.......
So Liam and Hannah are now on another half term break from school, my god only 6 weeks left of this academic year - where has this year gone.

We have just had a long weekend and as usual, good old England was a wash out, so we never done anything exciting. I haven't been feeling great all weekend - had a virus of some sort, yuk! but back to my normal self today.
Hannah was lucky in going to the circus yesterday for her friends birthday party, she loved it apparently. Her first dose of clowns and acrobats................ She has another 3 parties this month also, she has a better social life than any of us!!!!!

We don't have many plans for the week, work tomorrow which the little ones enjoy and then a get together with some friends towards the end of the week. I am currently looking after my neighbours birds for the week - so cleaning out water bowls and chopping apple on a daily basis.

As for photo's or scrapping - lets say i have been a bit slow. I have managed to finish 1 LO, but i need to photograph - so will be loading later, but i am not entirely happy with it. I love the photo's, my daughter and Niece being silly!!!

Anyway i must dash - Tim will be home shortly and i need to get a few things done. I will load some photo's up later so be sure to come back.

Hope your all well and will speak to you soon
Take care